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One of the reasons you should avoid clutter is that it s stressful and fatiguing for the user. As information is processed, mental connections are made and held in memory. It requires much more work and concentration to hold ten connections in mind than four or five. If you re able to present users with no more than a handful of interconnected ideas at any one time, your solutions become much easier to use.
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4-5.1.1 Visual Observations. Visual observations are most commonly used to determine the minimum speed for suspension of solids (Njs ) as discussed in Section 4-5.2. Visual observations can also be an extremely useful tool to give a rough estimate of the degree of homogeneity in a mixing vessel. Where a range of geometries is being optimized, this enables a rapid choice to be made of the two or three most ef cient geometries. At this point further testing may be carried out. Observations of the multiphase ow are necessary in order to choose
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13.3 Solitons in (1+1) Dimensions
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Grouping flat data with the GroupingCollection2 and AdvancedDataGrid
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Integer, inherit
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The chemical biology reader should also be aware that the natural conformational preference of a given polydeoxynucleotide chain (see Section 1.4.2) is to exist in an extended conformation with heterocyclic bases presented in an anti conformation projecting away from the attached 2 -deoxy- -d-ribofuranose ring (Figure 1.54), in preference to the syn conformation. In the anti conformation speci c Watson Crick base pairings between bases in two independent polydeoxynucleotide chains can be achieved with ease. The optimal arrangement for hydrogen bonding between two independent polydeoxynucleotide chains is for each chain to align antiparallel with respect to the other (i.e., one chain is orientated in the 5 3 direction and the other in the 3 5 direction) and for the two chains to coil around each other in such a way that the backbone of each chain forms a right-handed helix. However, this arrangement is inherently unstable, given the high charge of the phosphodiester backbone, unless every deoxynucleotide residue in one polydeoxynucleotide chain is able to enter into a speci c Watson Crick base pairing arrangement with a deoxynucleotide residue in the other polydeoxynucleotide chain, thereby cementing the chains together by a series of speci c inter-chain base pair (bp) hydrogen bond interactions. In other words, both polydeoxynucleotide chains must be completely complementary to each other in terms of their capacity to form complete Watson Crick base pairings, otherwise the structure will not be stable. The need for such complete base pairing also ensures that both polydeoxynucleotide chains are completely complementary to each other in terms of their deoxynucleotide residue sequence and base composition as well. In these speci c Watson Crick base pairings lie the
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C. Cloning and cell expansion (see Note 5) (a) Colonies (>32 cells) are cloned as described for cartilage progenitor cells (see Protocol 10.1, C).
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Listing 15-8: ch15_bayes_agg.py (Part 4 of 7)
TIP Paths can be stroked not only with a history state but also with a pattern. Furthermore, you can fill paths with Solid Color, Pattern, or History. To fill, choose Edit Fill and then select History from the pop-up menu, or choose Fill Path from the Paths palette menu and then select History from the pop-up menu in the Fill Path dialog box; holding down Alt (Windows), Opt (Mac OS) and clicking the Fill with foreground color icon, first from left, in the Paths palette also gives you access to the same dialog box.
Create transparent areas within a path
Template execution plan.
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