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such as a particular period of time, a specific business segment, or any other data element (or elements) that can be specified in a stored procedure or an SQL query. A few things to keep in mind with this technology:
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FIGURE 12-1: The Color Settings dialog box, showing all the available options.
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FIGURE 31-16 Modify primary administrative settings through the Administration category.
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Since ambipolar flow and quasi-neutrality are assumed everywhere in the plasma, the transverse electron and ion transverse velocities must be equal, which gives
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15 Exporting and Optimizing
onto the stage and center it by using the Align Panel (Ctrl+K/Command+K). Name this instance, basketball. Save your work!
W3C DOM Compatibility CSS:
Table 3-19: Modify Menu Commands
TABLE 15.5 NSA s Key-Length Comparison for SymmetricKey, RSA and Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems
The path you type in the Directory/Path text box must point to an existing directory.
To toggle the ruler in Dreamweaver, choose View Rulers Show or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+R (Command+Option+R). Horizontal and vertical rulers appear along the top and the left sides of the Document window, as shown in Figure 11-15. As you move the pointer, a light-gray line indicates the position on both rulers. FIGURE 11-15
The newly designed Excel Options dialog box.
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