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IE4.0ref: When the argument identifies a layer in Internet Explorer syntax, such as
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5-8.1 Additional Resources
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contactService.getOperation( getFilteredContacts ).send( fnameInput.text, lnameInput.text);
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In this chapter, you ve learned about working with the surface graphics on a Web page. You can also place an image in the background of an HTML page. This section covers some of the basic techniques for incorporating a background image in your Dreamweaver page. You add an image to your background either by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) or by modifying the Page Properties. The Cascading Style Sheet method is preferred because it gives you additional control over your background image. However, older browser versions do not support Cascading Style Sheets; if you must support browser versions earlier than Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape Navigator 4.0, you are limited to changing the Page Properties.
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[53] predictions for the total current, electron current, and ion current at the thruster exit for the SPT-100 are shown in Fig. 7-19. In this case, a frequency of 16 kHz is predicted, in good agreement with the experimental data.
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Resizing frames in a frameset
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To create the proper code within Dreamweaver, apply a Go To Detail Page server behavior to the linking text, image, or dynamic data. Master pages also include a Repeat Region server behavior; the Go To Detail Page server behavior is attached to the text or graphic within the region, as shown in Figure 22-1. To attach a Go To Detail Page server behavior, follow these steps: 1. Select the page element text, graphic, or dynamic data to use as the link to the detail page. 2. From the Server Behaviors panel, choose Add (+) and then select Go To Detail Page from the drop-down list. The Go To Detail Page dialog box, shown in Figure 22-2, is displayed. (This option is not available for ColdFusion or PHP.) 3. Make sure that the page element selected is represented in the Link field. If no selection is made, Dreamweaver creates a new Detail text link. 4. Enter the path to the detail page in the Detail Page field or click Browse to locate the file in the Select File dialog box.
Part II: HTML Tools and Variants
iDVD creates a button bearing the movie s name on the menu background.
Navigating with Anchors
When this object is at work, the user makes a selection, clicks OK, and the objectTag() function reads the value from the hidden field and writes it into the Web page:
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