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Notice that this query uses the weighted average (weighted by the number of households), rather than just the average. The alternative formulation, AVG(hhmedincome), would calculate a different value; each zip code would have the same weight regardless of its population. This query takes into account the fact that counties might have zero households, an unusual situation. The only example in the data is Williamsburg, VA, an independent city in Virginia (meaning it is its own county). Three of its five zip codes are in neighboring counties. The only two zip codes assigned to Williamsburg are for the College of William and Mary, which has group housing but no households. Such is the census data, accurate and detailed, and sometimes surprising.
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Styling Your Text
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3. In the Anti-aliasing drop-down list (pop-up menu) in the Options section, choose None. 4. Click OK.
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You can apply these different numbering styles to your numbered lists: Arabic Numerals: 1, 2, 3, and so forth (this is the default style) Roman Small: i, ii, iii, and so forth Roman Large: I, II, III, and so forth Alphabet Small: a, b, c, and so forth Alphabet Large: A, B, C, and so forth You can restyle your entire list all at once, or you can just change a single list item. To change the style of the entire ordered list, follow these steps: 1. Position your cursor anywhere in an existing list. 2. If necessary, click the expander arrow on the Text Property inspector to display the additional options. Select the List Item button. The List Properties dialog box opens with Numbered List displayed as the List Type, as shown in Figure 15-5.
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To make use of all this information, you ll need to do some additional processing to extract the required data. The typical method is to use JavaScript s indexOf() function to search the userAgent string looking for a particular value. Here s one technique:
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10. Start iCal, then click and drag in the iCal window to create a new event. 11. Edit the event so that its Alarm is set to Open File, and then choose the workflow you
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Figure 5-14: Data validation options.
3. Switch to Find mode and issue one or more Find requests to locate the records you want to use in the report. (Or, in the case of a report that will use all records, choose Records Show All Records.) 4. Choose Records Sort to arrange the found set in a meaningful order. 5. Be sure that the records are displayed in the view that you want to print by choosing the appropriate View View As command (Form, List, or Table).
Although the query string is handy for changing one or two simple variables, the more complex the variables, the less convenient it becomes. Dreamweaver offers another route to controlling Live Data variables: Live Data settings. The Live Data Settings dialog box, shown in Figure 22-7, offers several important advantages over the query string: n The name/value pairs are easier to enter and maintain in a straightforward two-column table. n URL encoding is handled automatically by Dreamweaver; with query strings. You have to enter any necessary URL encoding manually. n Variables may be sent to the application by either the Get or Post method. The query string uses only the Get method.
Using event object properties
Macromedia strongly cautions programmers against using documentEdited() and selectionChanged() unless these functions are absolutely necessary. Both functions because they constantly monitor the document can have an adverse effect on performance if implemented. Macromedia suggests that programmers incorporate the setTimeout() method to temporarily pause these functions so that the user can continue to interact with the program.
Programming Excel with VBA
The <fx:Model> tag does have one very useful capability: It can be used to compile data into an application. This technique is useful only when two circumstances are true:
Channels can be used to solve problems that would be difficult to implement otherwise. To be fair, it is not channels alone that enable what we shall discuss next but the combination of channels and threads (a single thread cannot communicate with itself by a channel!). Consider the following example. Can you tell what the nature of the values printed out are
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