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Sub AVeryNonSecureMacro() AVeryNonSecureMacro Macro Macro recorded 11/6/2005 by Loren Abdulezer Range( A11 ).Select
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Top: Before. Bottom: After. Existing content is incorporated into a new frameset when a frame object is chosen.
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Radius of Curvature
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The other way of transferring a movie from iMovie to iDVD is to create a DVD project based on the movie. This creates a new DVD project with the movie s name. You can then customize the DVD project as needed. This method is most useful when you want to create a DVD project based on one particular movie rather than a group of movies (or other content). In iMovie, select the movie in the Project Library (or open it in the Project window), and then choose Share iDVD. There are no options to choose; iMovie exports the movie and launches or activates iDVD, which displays the DVD project. If iDVD is running, and the open project contains unsaved changes, iDVD prompts you to save them (see figure 11.13). Normally you ll want to click Yes, but if you ve done something regrettable to the DVD project and want to lose the changes, click No.
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of elements. If the ADT contains a function, it is ignored. The following example illustrates the use of ADTs:
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11.12 Use the Artwork Editor window to resize a photo and to select the part you want to display.
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public static const LOGIN:String= login ; public function LoginEventComplete(type:String, bubbles:Boolean=false, cancelable:Boolean=false) { super(type, bubbles, cancelable); } override public function clone():Event { var newEvent:LoginEvent = new LoginEvent(type); newEvent.username = username; newEvent.password = password; return newEvent; } } }
Child Selectors
Setting options for existing fields
When you look at the same conditional formatting applied to a cell 20 rows below, you see that the formula for this test is exactly identical. This duplication makes it much easier to work with formulas that don t change, especially when working with OFFSET. The formula OFFSET(RC,-1,0) simply says, give me the value of the cell one row above my current row and column. The reason OFFSET is used is that it is perfectly behaved when you insert or delete rows and columns. This gives you maximum flexibility in redesigning the layout of your spreadsheets.
11. Set the volume for the slideshow by dragging the Slideshow Volume slider. 12. To choose other settings for the slideshow, click the Settings button, select the appropriate check boxes in the Settings dialog box (see figure 11.23), and then click OK. Your options are:
In Dreamweaver, you can select the following elements of a table: The entire table A single row Multiple rows, either adjacent or separate A single column Multiple columns, either adjacent or separate A single cell Multiple cells, either adjacent or separate After you select a table element, you can modify its properties.
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