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his chapter covers actual HTML pointers to other Web and Internet resources, shows you how to include pointers to graphics and illustrations, and builds on the URL explanation found in 1. At this point, you should feel comfortable with your HTML composition skills. You certainly know all the key facets of HTML, with three notable exceptions: adding links to other documents, adding internal links, and adding nontext information to your pages. This chapter shows you how to add links; 7 covers graphics. Much of the information in this chapter builds on the extensive discussion of Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) in 1. You may want to skim that chapter again to refresh your memory before you proceed.
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This formula counts the number of Bs (uppercase only) in the string in cell A1:
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Note the large sensitivity of to Cu , relative to its sensitivity to CL and A! When the dissipation is estimated from experimental data, A is taken to be equal to 1, uc is measured, and Lc is either determined from an integral energy balance, or is estimated as some fraction of the impeller diameter. Direct measurements of the dissipation are extremely dif cult [see review by Kresta (1998)]. A second estimate of turbulence characteristics, which avoids the need for Cu , is the power per unit mass of uid in the tank. If the liquid depth, H, is equal to the tank diameter, T: 4Np N3 D5 P = Np N3 D2 Vtank T2 H D T
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records onto tape, the procedure is a bit different, but still straightforward. See 3 for instructions on importing video from tape.
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class AIMConnection(TocTalk): Encapsulate a connection to the AOL Instant Messenger service. def __init__(self, user, passwd, recv_func=None): Initialize the connection both as a TocTalk subclass. TocTalk.__init__(self, user, passwd) self._recv_func = recv_func self._ready = False self._debug = 0
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< php $categories = array( array( Boston , 1, M. Keefe ), array( Landscapes , 2, Other ), array( Las Vegas , 3, M. Keefe ), array( Weddings , 4, Other ), ); function getCategories() { global $categories; $xml = <categories>\n ; for($i=0; $i < count($categories); $i++) { $xml .= <category id=\ . $categories[$i][1] . \ name=\ . $categories[$i][0] . \ copyright=\ . $categories[$i][2] . \ />\n ; } $xml .= </categories> ; return $xml; } >
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Investigating marketing alternatives
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orders before the first one. The total number of orders is simply COUNT(*). The number of orders before the first one can also be calculated:
table { width: 50%; }
*Similar to the <HTML> tag with the same name
Part V Flash Memory Hacks
Setting the Style as a Default
An unanticipated catalytic reaction of olefinic hydrocarbons was described in 1964 by Banks and Bailey.l,2 They discovered that CrC s alkenes disproportionate to homologs of higher and lower molecular weight in the presence of aluminasupported molybdenum oxide [Eq. (12.1)], cobalt oxide-molybdenum oxide, molybdenum hexacarbonyl, or tungsten hexacarbonyl at 100-200 C, under about 30 atm pressure: (12.1)
Typical representative
An abbreviated form of the cell s contents. User agents can use the abbreviation where appropriate (indicating a short form of the contents, displaying on a small device, and so on). As such, the value of the abbr attribute should be as short and concise as possible. The horizontal alignment of the cell s contents left, center, right, justify, or char (character). Used to de ne a conceptual category for the cell, which can be used to place the cell s contents into dimensional space. How the categories are used (if at all) is up to the individual user agent. The character used to align the cell s content if the alignment is set to char. The offset from the alignment character to use when aligning the cell content by character. How many columns the cell should span (default = 1). See the section Spanning Columns and Rows for more information. A space-separated list of header cell id attributes that corresponds with the cells used as headers for the current cell. User agents use this information at their discretion a verbal agent might read the contents of all header cells before the current cell s content. How many rows the cell should span (default = 1). See the section Spanning Columns and Rows for more information. The scope of the current cell s contents when used as a header row, col (column), rowgroup, colgroup (column group). If set, the cell s contents are treated as a header for the corresponding element(s). The vertical alignment of the cell s contents top, middle, bottom, or baseline.
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