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Part I: Creating Content with HTML
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FIGURE 1-26: The breadboard with the testing circuit installed
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Several capabilities of the two operating systems are platform-specific; that is, they are available only in Windows or only on the Mac. If such features are used in designing a script, the script will not run on the other platform. Some examples of platform-specific capabilities are listed here.
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N analog clock chart.xls Displays a clock in an XY chart N animated charts.xls Contains several animated charts N animated shapes.xls Contains several animated AutoShapes
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21: Activating Fireworks with Behaviors . . . . . . . . . . . 683
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There s nothing shocking so far: a few modules imported, and a simple main() function to test out the rest of this module namely an instance of the iTunesMac class and its addTrack() method. This test program will accept a path to an MP3 and then add the MP3 to your iTunes library and your iPod. Brace yourself for the next part, though. Listing 6-22 presents the beginning of the iTunesMac class and a sizeable amount of AppleScript used to do the real work here.
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At first glance, the rules with the highest chi-square values are the same as the rules with the highest lift. These are the rules consisting of products that appear in only one order. However, one of the conditions of the chi-square calculation is that every cell should have at least five orders. This condition is expressed as a WHERE condition:
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Topology of the EOL system.
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If you ve come straight from 7 and you already have GarageBand running with a music project open either a new project from exploring GarageBand or a project you ve kick-started using Magic GarageBand you re ready to start. Otherwise, launch GarageBand from the Dock or from the Applications folder, click the New Project button on the opening screen and click Choose, and then use the New Project from Template dialog box to set up your new music project. This chapter starts off with a new project that uses the default settings from the New Project from Template dialog box: 4 / 4 time signature at 120 beats per minute and the C major key. When you start most new projects, GarageBand gives you a single track for the instrument you chose. For example, if you choose Piano in the New Project from Template dialog box, GarageBand gives you a Grand Piano track to start off with. For other projects, such as Keyboard Collection, GarageBand starts you off with multiple tracks. To pick a different type of instrument, double-click the track header to open the Track Info pane with the Browse tab selected.You can then change the instrument to another Software Instrument as described later in this chapter.
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Extending Feeds
T/2 N
where Xint is an interaction term to be specified later; we assume for now that it contains no derivatives (but see Exercise 2 . 4 ~ ) . From (2.128) the components FOOand Foo vanish, and the Lagrangian density for the Maxwell field will not contain a term in &. It follows that the momentum conjugate to the scalar potential also vanishes: no = dC/dAo = 0, and in quantizing the electromagnetic field we will treat the scalar potential A as a c-number dependent variable that commutes with the field operators. Notice that we have now sacrificed manifest gauge invariance by fixing a particular gauge, and manifest Lorentz invariance by selecting a particular component of the vector potential for preferential treatment. From (2.119), in the Coulomb gauge the scalar potential is given by the static Coulomb interaction
The background property is one of the more powerful shortcut properties, combining the background-color, background-image, background-repeat, background-attachment, and background-position properties in one property declaration. It has the following syntax:
Sub ModifyChart2() ActiveSheet.ChartObjects( Chart 1 ).Chart.Type = xlArea End Sub
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