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2.6.5 Hydroxyapatite chromatography
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Understanding XML
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The Advanced preferences (see figure 2.7) contains only five settings, but they re important ones.
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7 Setting Preferences
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Each separately defined area of an image map is referred to as a hotspot. Hotspots come in three basic shapes: rectangles, circles, and polygons. Rectangles can be
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MMS Relay/Server
Service Performance Verification and Benchmarking
Text direction
Types of Shots
Good design does not happen by accident. Instead, you should always undertake a process of careful planning to determine the requirements of the application and expectations of the client before attempting to begin the design work. In the hypothetical scenario detailed here, you have been tasked with creating an online presence for a magazine subscription service. The client has stated his needs as follows:
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setTextFormat(TextFormat object) This usage applies the properties of the specified TextFormat object to the entire contents of the TextField object from which the methods are called. setTextFormat(index, TextFormat object) This syntax applies the TextFormat object properties to a specific character within the field. Each character is numerically indexed starting at 0. So, to apply the formatting to the first character, you use the value of 0 for the first parameter. setTextFormat(beginIndex, endIndex, TextFormat object) This syntax applies the TextFormat object properties to a specific range of characters within the field. Now that you ve had a chance to see the theory, let s take a look at a few practical examples that use the setTextFormat() method in various ways. First, the following code creates a TextField object, displays some text within it, and applies bold formatting to the entire text:
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