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Part II: Designing Flex Applications
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4-12.5 Stereoscopic (3D) PIV
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Part II: Putting Illustrator to Work
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record or request, FileMaker Pro will lock the record to prevent other users from attempting to simultaneously modify it. Options: Perform without dialog
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3. When the Create PivotTable dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 2-3, click OK to confirm the range and create the PivotTable report on a new worksheet. 4. Verify that a PivotTable icon and PivotTable Field List dialog box are created, as shown in Figure 2-4. The Report Layout area in Figure 2-4 appears in the worksheet with the name of the PivotTable report shown inside a rectangular box. Notice also that there are two sections of the PivotTable Field List dialog box. The top-half of the dialog box is called the Fields section. This is where all the available fields are displayed. Here, you can add fields to the report, modify filters, change labels, and perform sorts. The bottom-half of the dialog box is called the Areas section. In this section, you can change field settings, configure subtotals, arrange field hierarchies, and set layout options. You can also drag fields from one area to another. In short, most PivotTable functions can be managed from the PivotTable Field List dialog box.
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Listing 15-24: ch15_popular_links.py (Part 3 of 8)
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Part VII
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The example above creates a solitary button on the screen, as shown in Figure 11.4. Usually, however, we want to build GUIs complete with title bars. The Wmlib module interacts with the w m(l) window manager to provide such functionality. Wmlib provides a function, titlebar, for creating a toplevel Tk widget and associating it with a titlebar. It takes as arguments a reference to a display Screen and a name for the toplevel widget (just as in tk->toplevel), as well as a string to be displayed on the title bar and buttons to be placed on the title bar. A call to the titlebar function returns a tuple consisting of a reference to a Tk Top level and a channel on which events from the titlebar buttons will be sent. For
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The Number of Variables refers to the number of columns that you want, and the Number of Random Numbers refers to the number of rows that you want. For example, if you want 200 random numbers arranged in 10 columns of 20 rows, you specify 10 and 20, respectively, in these text boxes. The Random Seed box enables you to specify a starting value that Excel uses in its random numbergenerating algorithm. Usually, you leave this box blank. If you want to generate the same random number sequence, however, you can specify a seed between 1 and 32,767 (integer values only). You can create the following types of distributions by using the drop-down control in the Random Number Generation dialog box: n Uniform: Every random number has an equal chance of being selected. You specify the upper and lower limits. n Normal: The random numbers correspond to a normal distribution. You specify the mean and standard deviation of the distribution. n Bernoulli: The random numbers are either 0 or 1, determined by the probability of success that you specify. n Binomial: This option returns random numbers based on a Bernoulli distribution over a specific number of trials, given a probability of success that you specify. n Poisson: This option generates values in a Poisson distribution. A Poisson distribution is characterized by discrete events that occur in an interval, where the probability of a single occurrence is proportional to the size of the interval. The lambda parameter is the expected number of occurrences in an interval. In a Poisson distribution, lambda is equal to the mean, which also is equal to the variance. n Patterned: This option doesn t generate random numbers. Rather, it repeats a series of numbers in steps that you specify. n Discrete: This option enables you to specify the probability that specific values are chosen. It requires a two-column input range; the first column holds the values, and the second column holds the probability of each value being chosen. The sum of the probabilities in the second column must equal 100 percent.
The Find And Replace dialog box, with its options displayed.
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