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Part I
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Figure 8-55: Three line charts, stacked and grouped
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This chapter served as an introduction to Illustrator. For many designers, Illustrator will be the starting point for work in Catalyst. Most likely Catalyst will be the tool of choice for the creation of the initial design comp that is later converted into a Catalyst project. You learned the following:
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The HTML comment line uses the following syntax:
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It s fairly easy to select table elements when the table is fully expanded but tables aren t always set to a 100% width. In fact, designers often remove all table width values for their layouts, thus collapsing the table to fit the content. Although this is often necessary, you may have difficulty placing your cursor in the right cell in a collapsed table. You can speed up the selection and design process considerably by temporarily entering into Expanded Tables mode.
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New Feature
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the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions Part 1: Country codes [Geneva]: International Organization for Standardization, 1997.
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Collapses/expands bottom panel area Collapses/expands side panel area
Microsoft Word has a default setting that converts two hyphens to an en dash ( ) rather than an em dash ( ), which is simply wrong typographically. To solve this problem, I recommend that you turn off Word s automatic conversion of two hyphens to a dash (choose Tools AutoCorrect AutoFormat as You Type and then deselect the Symbols option). Instead of using the incorrect automatic conversion, go to the AutoCorrect pane, type two hyphens in the Replace field, put an em dash (shortcut Option+Shift+ [hyphen] on the Mac or Alt+0151 in Windows) in the With field, and then click Add. This causes Word to substitute the correct dash when you type two consecutive hyphens.
The Properties window for a CommandButton control.
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Taking a very different approach than Yahoo!, the Lycos site, which was first created at Carnegie-Mellon University and is now a part of the Spanish company Terra Lycos, indexes hundreds of millions of Web documents by building a database of URLs and the first few lines of description from each Web page. Lycos includes minimal textual information for the sites in its database, but the results are still surprisingly good.
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