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Part III
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Variable values The order of application execution Whether various bits of code are being executed as expected
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def buildPluckerDocument(pdir, pfn, ptitle, pdepth, pbpp, html_fn): Given some Plucker settings and an HTML file, attempt to build a Plucker document.
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If you want to change the level of the current TOC entry, use the Level popup menu. Note that you do not have to manually rearrange the order of items in the Include Paragraph Styles list by clicking and dragging them if you change the level of entries InDesign correctly sorts them when it creates the TOC, even if the levels seem out of order in the Include Paragraph Styles list. Choose the appropriate options from the Options section of the dialog box. Select the Create PDF Bookmarks option if you re exporting the document as a PDF file and want the file to have bookmarks (which is essentially a clickable set of TOC links). Select the Run-in option if you want all entries at the same level to be in one paragraph; this is not common for TOCs but is used in indexes and lists of figures. Select the Replace Existing Table of Contents option if you want InDesign to automatically replace an existing TOC if the TOC style is changed. Select the Include Text on Hidden Layers option if you want text on hidden layers to be included in the TOC.
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correctly in the final composited scene, very simple cartoon-like textures were generated in Flash for: Sky (10.17) Trees (10.18) Snow peaks (10.19) Grass (10.20)
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videoListCombo.enabled = true;
40 Publishing Flash Movies
From this equation it is possible to calculate the uplink interference if LACIR,UL and LACIR,DL are known. Figure D.4 shows the uplink interference as a function of difference between LACIR,UL LACIR,DL with different maximum adjacent cell path losses, Lmax . It can be seen that when LACIR,UL = LACIR,DL , the uplink interference is above the GSM noise level ( 121 dBm) only when the adjacent cell size is rather small. Here, it has also
5. Rename the symbol. To rename the symbol, double-click the symbol in the Symbols panel. Type a name in the Symbol Options dialog box and then click OK. 6. Choose File Save. This saves the new path symbol in the file. 7. Quit Illustrator and then restart Illustrator. When you look at the Bevel list in the 3D Extrude & Bevel Options dialog box, your new bevel is listed there. You can now apply the custom bevel as you would any other bevel.
7: Using PivotTables with Multidimensional Data
Ch 3 Ch 4
Setting Up Styles
An HTTP-based Globus Toolkit resource allocation manager (GRAM) protocol is used for allocation of computational resources and for monitoring and control of computation on those resources. An extended version of the le transfer protocol, GridFTP, is used for data access; extensions include use of connectivity layer security protocols, partial le access, and management of parallelism for high-speed transfers. Authentication and related security services (GSI Grid security infrastructure). Distributed access to structure and state information that is based on the lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP). This service is used to de ne a standard resource information protocol and associated information model. Remote access to data via sequential and parallel interfaces (GASS global access to secondary storage) including an interface to GridFTP. The construction, caching and location of executables (GEM Globus executable management). Resource reservation and allocation (GARA Globus advanced reservation and allocation).
TABLE 9.3 IBM 2984 P-Box Transformation
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