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Several connection settings can be adjusted from the Definition tab of the Connection Properties dialog box. Looking at Figure 12-4, you can see that there are numerous components in this tab of the dialog box that are comprised of panes, buttons, fields, and check boxes. The Connection Type label displays the type of external data source connection being used. Clicking the Browse button enables you to change the connection file for the report (changing this connection file enables you to utilize a different connection string and SQL query for the report). The Connection String pane contains the connection string information for the external data source. The Command Text pane contains the table name or SQL query being used for the PivotTable report. Clicking Authentication Settings brings up the Excel Services Authentication Settings dialog box, where you can configure the PivotTable report security for Microsoft SharePoint 2007. Clicking the Edit Query button starts the Microsoft Query program, where you can edit an SQL query for the external data source.
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because Flash executes each frame from the bottom up. If the actions are on the top frame, we can be sure that Flash has loaded all the elements on the layers below it. Sometimes I set up the scene to have multiple action layers, but I always put them at the top of the layer order. There are 20 frames divided into 4 sections. This Movie Clip could be just four frames long, but because Flash does not add any file size for frames that aren t doing anything, I like to spread the frames out for better legibility of the frame labels. The four sections, as shown in the figure that follows, are:
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For the purposes of the following analysis, biocatalysis is assumed to be irreversible and each biocatalyst E possesses only a single catalytic site. Hence, if the total concentration of biocatalyst is [E]0 , then this must be the sum of free enzyme, [E], and Michaelis complex, [ES], concentrations as indicated in [E]0 = [E] + [ES]
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In Dreamweaver, you can insert a <meta> tag or any other tag using the <head> tag objects, which you access via the Head menu in the Insert bar s HTML category or the Insert HTML Head Tags menu option. The <head> tag objects are described in Table 6-1 and subsequent subsections.
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If you draw a path and it turns out to be a little (or a lot, for that matter) different from what you intended, don t worry. You can always modify it by moving, adding, deleting, and converting anchor points and by adjusting direction lines. You can also use the transformation tools, the Control panel, or the Transform panel to rotate, scale, shear, flip, and change the position of the path.
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Dreamweaver makes it easy to organize your favorite images by enabling you to create folders in the Favorites list. To create a folder, click the New Favorites Folder button in the Assets panel with the Favorites list displayed. Add images to the folder by dragging the image names in the Favorites list to the folder.
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The usual editing keys that are supported in most programs are also supported in FileMaker Pro. In addition to the data-entry keys discussed previously, you can use the keys, commands, and procedures listed in Table 8-4 while entering and editing data.
var formats = [ PNG , kMoaCfFormat_TIFF ]; var theFiles = fw.locateDocDialog(1, formats); for (f in theFiles) { alert(theFiles[f]); }
ActionScript is Flash s interactive language. It is a set of actions that enables Flash to communicate with internal elements (timelines, symbols, sounds, and so on) and external Web pages and scripts. Flash interactivity is based on a relatively simple structure: An event handler waits for something to happen (a playback point being reached or the user providing input), and when that something does happen, it executes one or more actions (which alter the movie s playback, behavior, or properties; loads a file; or executes a script). There are two authoring modes for adding actions in Flash: Normal and Expert. Normal Mode enables you to add interactivity easily by clicking action names and using menus to set parameters. Expert Mode enables experienced Flash users to type actions directly and to copy text from other applications into Flash. The Basic Actions booklet contains the fundamental actions for navigating Flash playback through multiple scenes and keyframes, as well as controlling soundtracks and accessing external Web resources such as HTML pages and ftp downloads. All actions need an event handler to activate them. Event handlers include keyframes on a timeline, button clicks, mouse movements, and key presses. More advanced event handlers are discussed in later chapters.
This command allows you to compile and run AppleScript source code on-the-fly from the command line, without using the Script Editor. And, a bit like the say command, osascript allows the AppleScript code to be fed to it via console input/output, so that Python can speak AppleScript via os.popen. It sounds convoluted and, well, it is but that s why it s called a hack!
the use of cross polarisation antennas and air combining will compensate for the potential additional combining losses. All the studies throughout this book have considered RF hopping deployments, although the performance of BB hopping would be equivalent under the previously stated conditions. Figure 6.2 displays the performance of the RF and BB hopping layers for Network 1 in terms of dropped call rate (DCR) and frame erasure rate (FER). Since the average number of TRXs per sector was 2.5, BB hopping gains were, in this case, not comparable to those of RF hopping. With a hopping list of n frequencies, 64 n different hopping sequences can be built. These are mainly de ned by two parameters, as was explained in 5. Firstly, the mobile allocation index offset (MAIO), which may take as many values as the number of frequencies in the hopping list. Secondly, the hopping sequence number (HSN), which may take up to 64 different values. Two channels bearing the same HSN but different MAIOs never use the same frequency on the same burst, while two channels using different HSNs only interfere with each other (1/n)th of the time. One of the main hopping deployment criteria is the frequency reuse selection. The different frequency reuses are characterised with a reuse factor. The reuse factor indicates the sector cluster size in which each frequency is used only once. The reuse factor is typically denoted as x/y, where x is the site reuse factor and y the sector reuse factor. This means that a hopping reuse factor of 3/9, corresponds to a cellular network with nine different hopping lists which are used every three sites. FH started to be used in the mid-1990s. Initially, conservative reuses, such as 3/9, were used. However, 3/9 minimum effective reuse was limited to nine. Later on, 1/3 proved to be feasible and nally 1/1 was considered by many experts as the optimum RF hopping frequency reuse. Figure 6.3 illustrates the hopping standard reuses of 3/9, 1/3 and 1/1. As the frequency reuse gets tighter, the interference distribution worsens, but, on the other hand, the associated FH gains increase. Figures 6.4 and 6.5 display the performance of hopping reuses 1/1 and 3/9. The results are based on simulations using Network 1 propagation environment and traf c distribution. Reuse 3/9 shows better carrier/interference (C/I) distribution and therefore bit error rate (BER) performance. However, reuse 1/1 has a better overall frame error rate (FER) performance due to the higher frequency and interference diversity gains. As a conclusion, the most ef cient hopping reuse will be dependent on the generated C/I distribution and the associated link level gains.
Analysis/discovery tools: Visualization, Statistics Standards
The Import Field Mapping dialog (refer to Figures 16-7 and 16-8) includes an Arrange by pop-up menu/drop-down list you can use to facilitate matching fields between the two databases. The option that you choose from this menu/list determines the field display order in the destination database (on the right side of the dialog). The Arrange by field names option is particularly useful for quickly locating all matching field names in the two files. Note, however, that the matching fields option is available only when the file to be imported contains a header record or other information specifying the file s field names. FileMaker Pro files and dBASE files, for example, include field specification information.
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