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Minimum Area: This value is the radius, measured in pixels, that Color Threshold uses to describe adjacent pixels when comparing pixels to determine what color to assign to the center pixel. Curve Fit: This value determines how smoothly outlines are drawn. Select Very Tight if the curves in the bitmap have many twists and turns. If the curves are smooth, select Very Smooth. Corner Threshold: The Corner Threshold is similar to the Curve Fit, but it pertains to the corners in the bitmap image. 3. Click OK. Flash traces the bitmap, and the original bitmap disappears. If the bitmap is complex, this may take a while. The traced bitmap does not look exactly like the original bitmap.
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the time dependence resides in the operators and part in the wavefunctions.
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Note that contrary to the Middleton et al. results, the yields in Figure 13-34 are greater for the larger tank in the Baldyga and Bourne results when plotted as a function of power per unit volume. This may be caused by the slow semibatch addition of reactant B into the high-turbulence region near the impeller, causing micromixing conditions to occur, rather than the very rapid injection near the top of the tank, which has very low turbulence and causes mesomixing conditions to occur. Similar experimental conditions were considered by Paul (1988) and are shown in Figure 13-35. The decrease in yield as power per unit volume decreases seems to begin at about the same level (0.1 to 1 kW/m3 ) for all cases, but data do not agree in absolute values of yield. Differences in feed pipe velocities are suspected to be the major variant. This can cause variations in the balance between mesomixing and micromixing, even when micromixing is the dominant effect. See the discussions in Section 13-2.1.3 under Mesomixing and in Section 13-2.4 for more details on the effects of feed pipe velocities. Baldyga et al. (1993) simulated the 19 and 65 L yield results of Figure 13-34 using eq. (13-39) and data on the ow rates of the impeller stream and the feed stream. The results were very close to the experimental data, indicating a dependence on Batchelor scale micromixing. The method for accomplishing the simulation is straightforward and was published as a TK Solver program by Penney et al. (1997; available from Penney).
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Chemineer Greerco offers a different rotor stator geometry. In this case, as shown in Figure 8-4a and b, the rotor is an axial impeller that pushes the uid axially through holes bored into the stator. The rotating action of the impeller, however, creates some tangential shear ow inside the stator. There is a two-stage version called the tandem shear pipeline mixer. This consists of a primary disperser
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Caution There s a known problem with JSP pages that use Dreamweaver s Delete Record server behavior when they run on Apache s Jakarta Tomcat application server. The problem arises from the use of a redirect page. As a workaround, place all dynamic data on the deleted page within a Show Region If Recordset is Not Empty server behavior. By doing so, you ll allow Jakarta to link properly to the redirect page without generating an error.
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Use this SQL query for the Spanish connection:
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The building mass is a series of Push/Pulled faces that define levels, edges, and areas. There are many ways to manipulate a volume to create mass. The easiest method for articulating building mass is to use existing building geometry to generate more detail. Start with the roof. Subdivide the vertical faces of the building volume (Fig. 9-1) by selecting the flat roof face of a building volume and copying the face down, using the vertical building edges as references. The subdivided faces can be Push/Pulled to create building arcades, overhangs, and other details (Fig. 9-2). You can further articulate the building mass by using the Line tool to subdivide faces (Fig. 9-3). Subdivided faces can be Push/Pulled to create a specific look and feel for the buildFig. 9-2: Push/Pulling volumes of subdivided faces. ing (Fig. 9-4).
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11: What s the Apple Remote Good For
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Part I
Both Grids and P2P networks are associated with collaborative environments. P2P networks started with ad hoc communities such as those sharing MP3 les; Grids support virtual enterprises or organizations these are unstructured or structured societies, respectively. At a high level, collaboration involves sharing and in our context this is sharing of Web services, objects or resources. These are in principle essentially the same thing, although today sharing legacy applications like Microsoft Word is not so usefully considered as sharing Web services. Nevertheless, we can expect that Web service interfaces to everything will be available and will take this point of view later where Word, a Web Page, a computer visualization or the audio video (at say 30 frames per second) from some videoconferencing system will all be viewed as objects or resources with a known Web service interface. Of course, if you want to implement collaborative systems
Figure 37.1 shows the mortgage loan worksheet used in the preceding chapter. This worksheet has four input cells (C4:C7) and four formula cells (C10:C13). Originally, this worksheet was used for a what-if analysis example. This example demonstrates the opposite approach. Rather than supply different input cell values to look at the calculated formulas, this example lets Excel determine one of the input values that will produce the desired result.
This file contains a description of the operations performed to construct the name space of the current thread. This includes all the operations performed by any of the ancestors which were passed on. Each line of the returned contents corresponds to one operation on the name space, and has the format:
Part IV Scripting Player Control
FIGURE 6.9 The Create Guides dialog box, along with the guides it created
Part IV Incorporating Dynamic Data
reverseStep. Draws vertical and then horizontal lines to connect data points. segment (the default). Draws straight lines to connect data points. step. Draws horizontal and then vertical lines to connect data points. vertical. Draws vertical lines from the y coordinate of the current point to the y coor-
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INTNX( MONTH , <date>, <months>)
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