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Loading cached data
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The Flash (ActionScript) required for the application is all in external classes. This is done because it is easier to manage and maintain moving forward.
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Tile patterns can either have a background color or they can be transparent. Transparent patterns can overlay other objects, including objects filled with patterns.
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Table 11.1 NUG30 computation statistics. Part A lists how many CPUs were utilized at different locations on the grid during the seven day NUG30 run. Part B lists other interesting statistics about the run Part A Number 1024 414 246 190 146 133 96 94 54 45 25 16 12 10 5 Part B Total number of CPUs utilized Average number of simultaneous CPUs Maximum number of simultaneous CPUs Running wall clock time (sec) Total CPU time consumed (sec) Number of times a machine joined the computation Equivalent CPU time (sec) on an HP C3000 workstation 2510 652.7 1009 597 872 346 640 860 19 063 218 823 577
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The last step is to make the initial call to the resize event to draw the login component for the first time. You can also call the redraw method directly, rather than going through the resize event.
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7 Mashups and Enhancements
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Importing and exporting data
1: Understanding Rich Internet Applications
Click this button to display the PivotTable Tools tab
Change it to this:
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