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in (4.36)-(4.37).
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4. Press Delete or choose Edit Delete Selection.
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Within a function that you call to display the pop-up window, instantiate the component and create any required event listeners with accompanying event handler functions. The LoginWindow component in this example dispatches events named login and cancel, so it requires two addEventListener() calls:
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Finding natural breakpoints
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The king of all Web document editing programs is currently Adobe Dreamweaver. Combining the best visual and nonvisual editing tools with several development features, Dreamweaver is the most feature-rich program covered here.
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Airbrushing and the Magic of Stroke Blends
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where is the uid shear stress, y the uid yield stress, the uid shear rate, and K and n are uid consistency and ow behavior indices, respectively. Solomon et al. (1981a) proposed a physical model to estimate cavern sizes based on a torque balance to predict its diameter, Dc . They assumed that the cavern was spherical, that the predominant motion at the cavern boundary was tangential in nature (applicable to radial ow impellers), and that the stress imparted by the impeller at the cavern boundary was equal to the uid yield stress. This model was later modi ed by Elson et al. (1986) assuming the cavern to be a right circular cylinder with height, Hc , centered on the impeller to give Dc D
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Working with Button Components
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Customizing Frame Borders and Margins
If tool tips are turned on for InDesign and you hover the mouse over a library item, a tool tip appears with its item name. (If you didn t specify a name for the item in the Item Information dialog box, the item name is the file name if the item is a graphic or otherwise is Untitled.) 3 explains how to turn on tool tips. n
TABLE 3.28 q0( j/i)
N An additional Row field (OpenedBy) was added. N A Page field (Customer) was added. N The pivot table is formatted (using an AutoFormat) to make it more readable.
You can also specify page margins, as in a word processing application, by selecting the Use fixed page margins check box and indicating the desired margins. Additionally, you can mark the Facing pages check box to cause left and right (odd and even) pages to mirror their margins Left and Right change to Inside and Outside when the Facing pages check box is selected.
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6: Putting the Web in World Wide Web: Adding Pointers and Links
Example 3: phosphonates
Part I: Escape in Under 30 Seconds
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