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Available through the Eyedropper tool s pop-out menu, the Measure tool (shortcut K) opens the Info panel and lets you draw a line whose dimensions appear in that panel so that you can measure an arbitrary distance. You can see objects dimensions in the Control, Transform, and Info panels, but the value of the Measure tool is that it determines the distance between objects rather than the dimensions of objects. It can also come in handy when you re measuring the distance across multiple objects. (See 9.)
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Clicking the New CSS Style button in the CSS Styles panel brings up a dialog box (see Figure 7-5) where you specify the type of style you re defining. You can opt to create the new styles in an external style sheet (the dialog s default) or in the current document. After you ve chosen the type of style, select the Define In This Document Only option to create an internal style sheet. Any style sheets already linked to (or imported into) the current document appear in the dropdown list along with the New Style Sheet File option. If you choose Define In (New Style Sheet File), a standard file dialog box opens for you to name your new CSS file and say where you want to store it.
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Entering and Editing Worksheet Data
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(popup menu) shown in Figure 19.24, and write or reference a JavaScript to perform a specific function (change color, animate, resize, etc.).
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In the Theme section, make sure the None theme is selected. You won t use a theme a predefined set of scene transitions, titles, and other effects for this movie. Select the Automatically add check box and choose Cross Dissolve in the pop-up menu. Click Create. iMovie creates the movie project for you, adds it to the Project Library, and then opens it in the Project window.
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Office networking Operations
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Interpreting the Art
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Listing 7-11: (Part 3 of 6)
If you use static graphic placeholders in your design, you can use an alternative technique. From the Bindings panel, drag the field containing the image names onto the static graphic. If your data is just filenames without path information, you have to add the required path to the beginning of the src attribute in the Property inspector or Tag inspector.
In solid suspensions there is a distinct level to which most of the solids are lifted within the uid even at speeds above Njs . The distance from the bottom of the vessel to this level is called the cloud height. The liquid below this height is solid-rich, while above it there is only an occasional visit by a few small solids. Hicks et al. (1993, 1997) and Bujalski et al. (1999) have reported extensive data on cloud height and solid distribution. Bujalski et al. (1999) also reported that the blending between the solid-rich and solid-free portions is rather poor, and can result in a blend time as much as 20 times longer in the solid-free region than in the solid-rich volume. The data of Hicks et al. (1993) for single impellers showed that the cloud height increases with increasing impeller D/T at Njs . They reported a cloud height at Njs to be at about 70% of the slurry height for a single four-bladed 45 pitched blade turbine or a Chemineer HE-3 impeller with D/T = 0.35 located at C/T = 0.25 in a uid with Z/T = 1. The cloud height was greater than 95% of the slurry height at impeller speeds of 1.5 times Njs . When the slurry height was increased to Z/T = 1.75, the cloud height was only about 40% of the slurry height at Njs and never got above 70%, even at three times Njs . They also reported that the cloud height improves with the addition of a second impeller. The best separation distance between impellers was three impeller diameters S/D = 3). Bakker et al. (1994) showed that at this separation the dual impellers generate one large ow loop. However, when S/D is increased to 3.7, two separated ow loops are formed and the cloud height drops to the same level as for the single impeller. Bittorf and Kresta (2002) have applied a wall jet model successfully to predict the cloud height data of Hicks et al. (1997) and Bujalski et al. (1999). The proposed model for purely axial impellers (i.e., A310 or HE3) is CH = N (D/T)2 C 0.84 1.05 + 0.7 Njs T 1 (D/T)2 (10-12)
Propagation predictions
Accepting defaults and setting values
<marker lat= 52.9114 lng= -0.6394 title= China Inn />
Some properties of VAR
Because anyone can de ne XML tag names, namespaces were invented in order to avoid collisions. In this document we are mixing HTML with XSL. Collisions occur when two elements have the same tag name but belong to a different context. To distinguish between two tags that have the same name, say HTML title and XSL title, all you have to do is specify the namespace for one of them: for example, <xsl:title>. In this case XSL doesn t have an element called title, it s just there to illustrate the point. The default namespace is declared by xmlns= (where to nd the de nition on Internet) . Other namespaces used are declared by xmlns:pre xUsed= (de nition) . Note that any pre x could be used, but it s best to use the standard one. Next, we tell the style sheet that it should output HTML:
If you apply a custom style called hype to the phrases industry insight and forward thinking by first selecting those phrases and then choosing hype from the Styles list, the code looks like this:
Creating Charts and Graphics
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