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4. Navigate to the folder that contains the Photoshop PSD file. 5. Select the file to be imported (see Figure 21.7) and click Open.
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There are two ways you can share a database over a network. If no more than five users will ever need to simultaneously access the database, the built-in file-sharing features of FileMaker Pro will suffice. If more than five users (down from ten users in versions prior to FileMaker Pro 7) will ever simultaneously access the database, it must be hosted using FileMaker Pro Server. (Note that FileMaker Pro 7 and 8 databases cannot be served by FileMaker Server 6 or earlier.)
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Figure 13-19: Any external data saved in a delimited text file can be brought into Dreamweaver with the Import Tabular Data command. 3. Click the Browse button to find the desired file. 4. Select the delimiter used to separate the fields or cells of data from the Delimiter option list. The options are Tab, Comma, Semicolon, Colon, and Other.
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Figure 9-3: The proportion of households that purchase only one product varies considerably by product group. Some groups such as APPAREL are associated with such unique purchasers.
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where A is the benchmark cell coverage area. Therefore, assuming that the path loss slope is constant over the desired coverage area and sites can be equally spaced, the relative coverage ef ciency improvement Ceff can be calculated from L as Ceff = A = 10 A
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Part I: Creating Content with HTML
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Part IV Adding Interactivity With Flash, Forms, and Other Tools
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FishBar is an animated Web series featuring characters based on photographs of real animals, tending toward the oceanic variety. The series began simply enough, as a collaboration between Noah Tannen, Johan Liedgren, Janet Galore, and Christopher MacRae at Honkworm International in Seattle. Today, there are over 30 episodes, each from two to four minutes in length. In 1998, MTV's Cartoon Sushi (the successor to Liquid Television) showcased a couple of the FishBar episodes. To our knowledge, this was the first time Flash animation appeared on television. FishBar's photosurrealistic art direction is based on photographs that have been manipulated in Photoshop. Photocollage works great when you are going for a look that is a little surreal and clunky, and most of the action takes place in a single plane, or series of 1 planes, so you have a rather flat look, sort of "2 /2 D"
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Brando,, sells a solar charger for PSP Controlling Your Home With Your PSP,
Part II
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FIGURE 34-17 You can insert dynamic text through either the Server Behaviors panel or the Bindings panel.
Novel platinum-containing heteropolyoxometallic compounds have been shown to exhibit shape-selective hydrogenation activity 72 The activity of the ultramicroporous PtlCS2.1Ho.9[PW 12040] and microporous PtlCS2.5H0.5[PW 12040] was comparable in the hydrogenation of ethylene, whereas activity of the latter was about one order of magnitude higher in the hydrogenation of cyclohexene. Interesting observations have been made about metal oxides. Hydrogen without dissociative adsorption is believed to participate in hydrogenation on Zr02. In addition, the ethyl species is not involved in the process. As a result, propane-d2 is selectively formed in deuteration, with no HID exchange in propylene 73 New features appear, however, when zirconia is dispersed on other oxides; the rate of hydrogenation is increased considerably, and hydrogen exchange in propylene proceeds simultaneously with addition via the common intermediate I-propyl and 2-propyl species 73,374 The hydrogenolysis of Et3SiH over silica-supported Pd and Pt catalysts resulted in significant poisoning, specifically, the loss of activity in the hydrogenation of cyclohexene 7S Oxidation, however, fully restored the activity of catalysts with small metal particles (>50% dispersion) as a result of surface reconstruction.
Dirac: linear condition: nonlinear condition:
FIGURE 16.2 The character formatting options in the Character (A) pane of the Control panel and its flyout menu Character Formatting Controls (Character panel) Font Size Font Family Manage Character Styles Character Style Quick Apply
The gist of this recipe is that CVS provides hooks where you can specify programs to be executed when a commit is completed. Typically, this has been used for things like posting to a newsgroup or sending off messages to mailing lists, but pushing entries into a syndication feed is a great usage for these hooks as well. However, unlike the scraper in this chapter, this solution requires that you are in control of the CVS repository.
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