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You can also title a link using the title attribute in the anchor tag. This causes most current user agents to display the title text as a tooltip when the mouse hovers over it. For example, the following link will cause Internet Explorer to display Read the review at On Target Games, as shown in Figure 8-5:
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Postmultiplication of A by Cr,s(v) replaces the rth column of A by the sum of
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iMovie 09 & iDVD Portable Genius
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4. If you have previously exported the site with this command and want to update your export, choose the Extract Only Changed Files option. 5. Click OK when you re finished. After the operation is completed, you ll probably want to define a new site to manage the exported files Dreamweaver does not do this task for you automatically.
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Constructing a repeating table
Fireworks specifies filenames and pathnames in scripts as file URLs. For example, the Windows path to the Fireworks Commands folder
The new [Essentials] default workspace hides too many features to be used in a professional setting. I recommend you use the [Advanced] workspace instead, or create your own custom workspace.
SWisH: Very cool text effects are what SWisH is all about. SWisH provides an amazing assortment of effects that are all configurable and that are easily exported to the .SWF format. You can find it at
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ne of InDesign s easily overlooked panels is the Attributes panel. It has two sets of controls: one set for controlling overprinting and one set (with just one control) for controlling whether an object prints. (The Nonprinting option is covered in 9.)
Pagers and BlackBerrys
plug-in s purpose (a plug-in being an application-specific software utility) is enhancing an application by giving it new or improved capabilities. Plug-ins are pervasive in today s software world. Many applications such as desktop publishing programs, graphic applications, and databases have been written to accept plug-ins. In fact, a great deal of the outof-the-box functionality in such popular products as Photoshop and iPhoto exists because plug-ins are shipped as part of the product distribution. Using plug-ins provides a convenient method for the software publisher, as well as independent developers, to add new features to the application or update existing features without revising the basic product. As a FileMaker Pro user, you might already be familiar with a few FileMaker plug-ins, whether you re aware that they re plug-ins or not. For example, Web Publishing is implemented via a plug-in (Web.fmplugin, in the Extensions folder within your FileMaker application folder, to be precise) enabling you to make your databases available to others over the Web. What you might not realize, however, is that FileMaker, Inc. isn t the only source of plug-ins. Many commercial plugin developers might very well have the solution to what currently appears to be an insurmountable FileMaker problem. A few plug-ins are free.
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