Function User() Returns the name of the current user User = Application.UserName End Function in .NET

Generating Data Matrix ECC200 in .NET Function User() Returns the name of the current user User = Application.UserName End Function

This query uses the window functions to break ties by choosing the first product group name alphabetically. The result contains two columns: the zip code and the most popular product group. This is the lookup model by zip code for the most popular product group. This model is a profiling model because the zip code and product group come from the same time frame. There is no before and after. Here the most popular product group has been defined as the one with the most orders. Other definitions are possible, such as the one with the most households purchasing it or the largest dollar amount per household. Table 10-4 shows each product group and the number of zip codes where that group is the most popular. Not surprisingly, BOOKS win in over half the zip codes, as shown by the following query:
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Creating Web Pages
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XHTML Basic 1.1 elements
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A prerequisite to meaningful evaluation and interpretation of mixing is the development of a reliable measure of mixing. Straightforward though this concept may seem, some care needs to be exercised in its implementation. Any mixing measure is obtained by rst evaluating a relevant quantity, typically concentration, in speci ed sample regions. Ideally, for the samples to be representative, they should be taken uniformly from a owing stream that is itself uniform in both space and time. In tumbling blenders, this is not practical, and sampling usually consists of extracting small samples from a static bed. We discuss techniques for extracting such samples shortly, but rst it is worthwhile to review the description of ideal mixtures, for which particle distributions are known throughout the mixture.
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This chapter is the first of three chapters in Spreadsheet reporting. Here, I show you how to create professional-looking Spreadsheet reports using the powerful tools and functions that are included in Excel 2007. I assume that you have already read over the PivotTable report chapters and have a basic understanding of this technology, because I make some comparisons between these two types of reporting tools. I start this chapter by providing some perspective on why you might use a Spreadsheet report in place of a PivotTable report. After that, I review all the buttons in each of the five groups of the Table Tools tab, which is only available for Spreadsheet reports. Next, I review how you can filter data in your Spreadsheet report using the numerous types of filter tools that are available with Spreadsheet reports. Following that, I show you how to sort data using the enhanced Sort dialog box in Excel 2007. I also demonstrate how Spreadsheet report columns can be moved and added in the report, and how you can convert the Spreadsheet report into a Range, so that the data can be subtotaled. I conclude with an example that helps tie some of the material in this chapter into a scenario that you might encounter in the real world.
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Table 6-2: Keyboard Shortcuts for Layer Blend Modes
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Tip To ease maintenance of your code, choose a name that is descriptive, but that is not a reserved word. For example, it is better to name a text field lastname rather than name.
Part IV Google Earth Hacks
position: relative; right: 25%;
If you use the Formatting dialog boxes to record this macro, you ll find that Excel records quite a bit of extraneous code. Recording toolbar button clicks often produces more efficient code.
What is the one thing a Web site project manager always wants to know The status of every page under development: What s still in the planning stages, what has been drafted, what has made it to beta, and what s ready to go live The manager who has an awareness of each page s status can prioritize appropriately and add additional resources to the development of a page if necessary. Individual team members who are working on a page should also know how far along that page is. Design Notes put the Status category front and center for all files. It s the one standard field that is always available, and it offers eight different values and one custom value. Entries may be date-stamped in the Notes area to show a history of revisions, as shown in Figure 31-6. Optionally, you can elect to display the Design Note the next time the file is opened by anyone.
2. Open ScriptMaker (Scripts ScriptMaker) and create a new script named RenameBackup. This script will use the Troi File plug-in to rename the copy of Address Book.fp7 to the designated backup name.
Multiple columns
In a different situation, you might want to tie a number of noncontiguous optional regions together so that if the main region shows, the others would as well. You achieve this by setting Use Parameter to the name of the main region. You ll find a more detailed discussion of template expressions a little later in this chapter. To insert an optional region, follow these steps: 1. Choose Insert Template Objects Optional Region or, from the Templates menu of the Insert bar, select the Optional Region icon. 2. If you want to create a template parameter, from the Basic tab, follow these steps: a. Enter a unique name for the optional region in the Name field. b.Choose the Show By Default option if you want to make the region initially viewable. 3. If you want to link this optional region to the state of another optional region, from the Advanced tab, follow these steps: a. Select the Use Parameter option. b.Choose an existing optional region from the drop-down list.
This workbook is available on the companion CD-ROM. The filename is mortgage loan.xlsx.
The low order terms of R(z) form a syndrome of the received sequence. The erasure polynomial is F(z) = ( a 6 z + l ) ( a " z + l ) = z 2 + a 5 z + l The error locator polynomial is A(z) = A 1 z + l and the product is F(z)A(z) = A,z 3 + [a + a^Jz 2 + [a5 + A,]z + 1 As this polynomial is of degree 3, we can only carry out a single place convolution with a known section of the error spectrum to produce a key equation. We are therefore only interested in the terms of degree 3 when we multiply by the syndrome
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