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Installing AMFPHP is simple. The scripts require a PHP server and do not need any additional services or libraries installed. This offers the advantage of near instant setup, which allows the developer to focus on the actual application instead of worrying about what is going on behind the scenes. To install AMFPHP first download the latest version, which is available free from the SourceForge Web , site at group_id=72483#files. SourceForge is the largest open source Web development Web site that hosts a number of different projects like AMFPHP . The contents of the downloaded archive are placed in the root of your Web server in a new directory such as flashservices or any name you choose. AMFPHP is almost ready to go right out of the box. The only file you need to modify is
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The database does not need to be updated because the count column was added in the previous section even though it wasn t used. Adding more columns than you will use to start is common so the application has the ability to grow. Extra columns may also be a result of temporarily removing a feature from an application after the database schema is created. data matrix generator
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For details on all the user interface changes, see the rest of the chapters in Part I.
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Finding Out All about Paths
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multiple strand breaks), which are more dif cult to repair (Fig. 11-2).
Preview, Stop/Play Preview Window
And just as you can pass variables with HTML to Generator Templates, you can send establish data sources directly in Flash movies with the loadMovie() action:
T I P When bringing together data from different tables that have a one-tomany relationship, such as products, orders, and households, COUNT DISTINCT correctly counts the values at different levels. Use COUNT(DISTINCT orderid) rather than COUNT(orderid) to get the number of orders.
Figure 9-8: The data are subtotaled at two levels, Category and Rating.
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