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<style type= text/css > <!-@import url( newstyles.css ); --> </style>
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Nested unordered lists exhibit a cool feature in most browsers they automatically change the list style for each level. In many browsers, the outermost level is displayed with a bullet, the second level with a circle, and the third level with a square. This feature provides automatic outlining from an unexpected source! For ordered lists, the style of indented items does not change automatically.
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1. Select the text you want to color, or position the cursor where you want the new text color to begin. If you re using CSS, a <span> tag is applied with auto-generated style (style1). 2. From the Property inspector, you can
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Color pop-up menu: The default color of the document grid is Light Gray. Although this light shade is unobtrusive, you might want to change it to something brighter or darker so that you can see it better. You can choose a different color from the Color pop-up menu or choose Other to create your own. Gridline Every field: The major grid lines, which are slightly darker, are positioned according to this value. The default value is 6p0; in general, you want to specify a value within the measurement system you re using. For example, if you re working in inches, you might type 1 inch in the Gridline Every field. That way, the gridlines match the major tick marks on the ruler. You set the horizontal and vertical settings separately. Subdivisions field: Although this is a number and not a measurement, it ends up specifying the amount of space between grid lines. The major grid lines established in the Gridline Every field are divided according to the value you type here. For example, if you type 1 inch in the Gridline Every field, and you type 4 in the Subdivisions field, you get a gridline at each quarter inch. The default number of subdivisions is 8. You set the horizontal and vertical settings separately. qr code scanner
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NetSolve has been used in a number of applications for resource management purposes, to enable parallelism in the applications and to help users avoid installation of cumbersome software. Following Sections detail some of the applications that reap the bene ts of using NetSolve. 24.3.1 IPARS (integrated parallel accurate reservoir simulators) IPARS [4], developed under the directorship of Mary Wheeler at the Center for Subsurface Modeling, at the University of Texas Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics, TICAM, is a framework for developing parallel models of subsurface ow and transport through porous media. IPARS can simulate single-phase (water only), twophase (water and oil), or three-phase (water, oil, and gas) ow through a multiblock 3D porous medium. IPARS can be applied to model water table decline due to overproduction near urban areas, or enhanced oil and gas recovery in industrial applications. A NetSolve interface to the IPARS system that allows users to access the full functionality of IPARS was constructed. Accessing the system via the MATLAB, C, Mathematica, or FORTRAN interfaces automatically executes simulations on a cluster of dual-node workstations that allow for much quicker execution than what would be possible on a single local machine. The NetSolve system also does the postprocessing of the output to use the third-party software, TECPLOT, to render the 3D output images. Among other things, NetSolve provides a gateway to the IPARS system without downloading and installing the IPARS code. This means it can even be used on platforms that it has not yet been ported to. The interface was further enhanced by embedding it in HTML form [5] within a Web browser so that with just access to a Web browser one can enter input parameters and submit a request for execution of the IPARS simulator on a NetSolve system. The output images are then brought back and displayed to the Web browser. This interaction showed how the NetSolve system can be used to create a robust Grid computing environment in which powerful modeling software, like IPARS, becomes both easier to use and to administer. 24.3.2 MCell MCell [6] is a general Monte Carlo simulator of cellular microphysiology. MCell uses Monte Carlo diffusion and chemical reaction algorithms in 3D to simulate the complex biochemical interactions of molecules inside and outside of living cells. NetSolve is used as a resource management framework to manage the execution of a large number of MCell simulations on a large number of resources in the NetSolve Grid. One of the central pieces of the framework is a scheduler that takes advantage of MCell input data requirements to minimize turnaround time. This scheduler is part of the larger AppLeS at the University of California, San Diego. The use of robust, coherent, and fault-tolerant NetSolve pool of resources allowed the MCell researchers to implement parallelism in the simulations with simple sequential calls to NetSolve.
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The result type for the formula must be set to Date. If it is set to Number, the displayed result is a serial number (732299) rather than the date previously shown.
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17 Using Frames and Framesets
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Don t run games from the CD or DVD; install them on your hard
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Registry Mapper Service
HTML 4.0 bears many similarities to XHTML. Both languages require the use of CSS for formatting, and both require the closure of tags for paragraphs. In many ways, XHMTL is a reformulation of HTML 4.0 in order to follow the rules of XML. By reproducing HTML 4.0 as an XML language, many of the extensions that are added to XHTML can be done successfully in a modular format. XHTML 1.0 enables the massive release of new Internet access programs, such as PDAs, Game Consoles, and Interactive TV boxes, which can be kept current with the latest Web page standards. All that is needed is a browser that understands XML and DTDs. A designer can still use text-editing tools to develop Web pages. With the rapidly changing environment of the Internet, the inclusion of a modular and extensible language, such as XHTML, is a natural t.
Figure 4.4. BSS LCS architecture
Figure 28.4 shows the resulting CFC documentation. The string value you use as the source attribute in Flex is displayed twice: once at the top of the documentation page and again in the hierarchy section.
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