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To ungroup objects, select the group and then choose Arrange Ungroup (or press Shift+ +R/Shift+Ctrl+R).
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Working with specialty page controls
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Getting around the unofficial PSP SDK SDK sample programs and what they re used for
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Part V: Text Fundamentals
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Photoshop is the industry standard graphics tool for working with bitmap or raster-based graphics such as photographs, and its import process is similar to Illustrator s. In the Magazines Direct application, you need to import an additional magazine cover.
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Creating parallel strokes
Quality of Service Mechanisms
So, you ve built your Web masterpiece, and you ve just finished uploading the HTML, along with the 23 JPEGs, 8 audio files, and 3 Flash movies that make up the page. You open the page over the Internet and surprise! it takes five minutes to download. Okay, this example is a tad extreme, but every Web developer knows that opening a page from your hard drive and opening a page over the Internet are two vastly different experiences. Dreamweaver has taken the guesswork out of loading a page from the Web by providing the Download Indicator. The Download Indicator is located to the right of the Window Size item on the status bar. As illustrated in Figure 3-9, Dreamweaver gives you two values, separated by a slash character: n The cumulative size of the page, including all the associated graphics, plugins, and multimedia files, measured in kilobytes (K) n The time it takes to download at a particular modem connection speed, measured in seconds (sec)
Figure 2 A freeze-etch prepared electron micrograph of an endosphere within an Sporosarcina ureae cell. SB, spore body; SC, spore coat; W, cell wall. Scale bar, 0.5 m. (From Holt, S.C. and E.R. Leadbetter, 1969. Comparative ultrastucture of selected aeorobic spore-forming bacteria: a freeze-etching study. Bacteriol. Rev. 33:346 378. With permission from the American Society for Microbiology, Washington. DC.)
This correlation between what the browser and screen reader see means that, for the most part, any CSS hack you apply for a particular browser is transparently translated for the screen reader. There are, however, particular
Formatting a legend
Depicted on two different size scales are some of the smallest microorganisms (Figure 5.23, top) and some of the largest (Figure 5.23, bottom). The pattern in the range of physical sizes of organisms across domains is much like the pattern for genome sizes depicted in Figure 5.21.
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