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Generating code-128b in .NET Part IV: Exporting Projects into Flash Builder 4

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Modifying role settings
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A pivot table that uses a report filter.
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Path selecting means that all points and segments on a path are selected. When you click a path using the Group Selection tool or the Selection tool, Illustrator automatically selects the entire path. Drawing a marquee (a dotted rectangle indicating a selection) entirely around a path with the Direct Selection tool also selects the entire path. All the capabilities from Intrapath selecting are available, such as the entire Object menu and the Arrange submenu (located at the top of the Object menu). After you select a path, the entire path is affected by moving, transforming, cutting, copying, pasting, and deleting. An example of Path selecting is shown in Figure 6.3.
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The Show/Hide Baseline Grid command (choose View Grids & Guides Show/ Hide Baseline Grid or press Option+ + [apostrophe] or Ctrl+Alt+ [apostrophe]) lets you display and hide a document s baseline grid.
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FIGURE 11.24
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This code could occur on a Button instance within the first Movie Clip instance. When the user clicks the Button instance, the Movie Clip startDrag method is invoked and the user can drag the Movie Clip instance on the Stage. When the user releases the mouse, the _dropTarget property (which returns target paths in Slashes notation) is evaluated to convert the target path to Dots notation. If the _dropTarget property returns the path to another instance, then the if condition will see whether the path matches _root.mcInstance2. If the paths match, then the trace action indicating an overlap is executed. Otherwise, a separate trace action will notify us that the instance is not on top of mcInstance2.
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Mechanistic studies established the formation of carbocation intermediate 5 stabilized by the conjugation with the phenyl ring. Mixtures of isomeric ally lic chlorides are formed when 1, 1-disubstituted allenes react with HCl. 1,3-Disubstituted allenes yield products of both central and terminal carbon attacks. In contrast, selective transformations occur with HBr. The gasphase, photocatalytic addition of HBr gives selectively vinylic bromides 129 [Eq. (6.20)], while hydrobromination in solution phase yields allylic bromides 130 [Eq. (6.21)]:
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Circle Hotspot
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The PHP service class in Listing 29.5 executes a simple query and returns its data.
If your macro is designed to work with a range selection, you need to determine that a range is actually selected. Otherwise, the macro most likely fails. The following procedure identifies the type of object that is currently selected:
The getDocumentDOM() function is the starting point for many Dreamweaver JavaScript manipulations. It returns the entire DOM for the specified document, thus enabling the document to be read and manipulated. Generally, getDocumentDOM() is used in this fashion:
where "<text>" is the text that comprises the content. Note that the text must be plain text no markup or other content needing parsing and it must be enclosed in quotes. The text itself will inherit the attributes of its parent element. The next section examines the particulars of using the content property with the :before and :after pseudo-elements, but use of the content
iMovie 09 & iDVD Portable Genius
1 Cherry, SR, Sorenson, JA, and Phelps, ME, Physics in Nuclear Medicine, 3rd Edition, Saunders, Philadelphia, 2003, 6, Interaction of Radiation with Matter, p. 77.
5. Click the Record button to start
Understanding relative and absolute references
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