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The way current networks are dimensioned accounts for a certain blocking probability to avoid costly hardware overdimensioning. Thus, the resources are dimensioned to allow a certain blocking probability, which is a design criterion, and the hard-blocking capacity of these resources is de ned as the traf c that causes this blocking probability. This section presents a study of signalling channel capacity of typical GSM cell con gurations, and includes guidelines about how to optimally con gure signalling channels according to the traf c carried by the network. In this section, signalling channels include those control channels in which load varies in time and which are allocated independently from traf c channels, that is, the broadcast and associated control channels are not considered in this section. The following subsections describe the criteria used to dimension the signalling channels, as well as the signalling procedures and the methodology used to calculate the capacity of these channels. This capacity is shown for GSM voice calls and (E)GPRS data sessions, and nally some conclusions about channel dimensioning are drawn.
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Ideally, you save the most time by creating all your Library items before you begin constructing your Web pages, but most Web designers don t work that way. Feel free to include, modify, and update your Library items as often as necessary as your Web site evolves that s part of the power and flexibility you gain through Dreamweaver s Library.
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When you are happy with a custom white balance, you can save the settings from the Camera Raw menu and apply them to similar images from the Settings pop-up menu, or from the Edit Apply Camera Raw Settings in Bridge (see the discussion of Settings later in the chapter).
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many occasions. This is an indication that the pages displayed have corresponding RSS feeds. You can see this feature yourself, if you visit with Firefox. Other browsers, such as Apple s Safari, offer similar RSS autodiscovery features. Also, some feed aggregators use this technology to let you simply provide the human-readable URL for a Web site, which will then be used to discover the machine-readable version. The end result of all of this is that makes it easy for both human beings and machines to gain access to bookmarks flowing into the site. If you don t already have a feed aggregator that you use regularly, you may want to check out Mozilla Thunderbird ( This is an open source application that offers email and feed aggregation features all in one place. Plenty of commercial and shareware options are available, but I use Thunderbird here for demonstration purposes. In Figure 1-18, you can see a subscription to links tagged with delicious, as well as popular links and links that have been posted by others for my viewing with a for:deusx tag. Viewing links in an aggregator is just the start of where RSS feeds from become useful, however. These feeds, as well as their uses beyond feed aggregators, will come up again and in more detail in the coming chapters.
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In order for a reaction to take place between two species A and B, both reactants need to meet in a productive collision as a result of which mutual orientations are appropriate for a reaction to occur. Frequently, collisions will be unproductive, leaving the reactants to separate and await the opportunity for a future productive collision. Collisions both productive and unproductive
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The Spark version of the TextInput control has a selectRange() method that enables you to programmatically select sections of text. The control s read-only selectionAnchorPosition and selectionActivePosition properties enable you to find out what s currently selected.
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Excel provides three kinds of tools to assist you in constructing formulas: help information, cell reference handles, and parenthesis matching.
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Inserting the Image Viewer
Plugging the Video Receiver into the Video Recorder
In Listing 7-5 s definition for handle_starttag(), several things are tracked: First, when the start of the <head> or <body> tag is encountered, the in_head and in_body flags are flipped to manage what s done with each part of the HTML document. In the <head> section, <meta> tags are handled in particular, the description meta tag s content attribute will be extracted. On the other hand, all tags found in the <body> section are simply reconstituted in the document s content attribute. The next thing to handle in parsing are the end tags, with handle_endtag() as defined in Listing 7-6.
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Figure 2-3: Each Fireworks file you open or create is contained within its own document window, and you can open multiple documents simultaneously.
TIDY_OPTS = dict( output_xhtml=1, force_output=1, numeric_entities=1, char_encoding= utf8 , indent=1, wrap=0, show_errors=0, show_warnings=0 ) def main(): Try to tidy up the source of a URL. print tidy_url(sys.argv[1])
Fig. 9-10. Photograph of the PPS-1350 Hall thruster (photo courtesy of Snecma-Eric Drouin).
mass transfer coef cient (associated with local levels of turbulence). A high gas fraction is not always desirable since the pro tability of a reactor is largely controlled by the quantity of liquid it contains. Excessive gas retention may also lead to overreaction. It is only necessary to allow enough time for the required mass transfer.
Markup declarations can affect the content of the document, as passed from an XML processor to an application; examples are attribute defaults and entity declarations. The standalone document declaration, which MAY appear as a component of the XML declaration, signals whether or not there are such declarations which appear external to the document entity or in parameter entities. [De nition: An external
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