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In order to select just one field, say EnglishProductName, use this query:
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The formatting of the converted text is initially determined by the result type that you select. If you select Time as the result type, the result returned is 2:15 p.m. rather than the military time format used when Text is selected as the result type.
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The Dreamweaver interface provides a wide range of options for styles. If you look at the code, you find that Dreamweaver groups your selections exactly as shown in the preceding example. You can group selectors as well as declarations. Separate grouped selectors with commas rather than semicolons. For example:
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You can access a ruler context menu by right-clicking (Control+clicking) the ruler itself. The context menu enables you to change the system of measurement, reset the origin point, or hide the rulers.
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Figure 8.10. RTO estimation versus RTT evolution
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The orientation of a reflection hologram s fringes in an emulsion of sufficient thickness produces a volume grating composed of many semi-transparent mirrors. At illumination, this volume grating filters light passing through it based on wavelength and angle, passing only a limited range of wavelengths. A transmission hologram, in contrast, passes a broad spectrum of light, splitting white light into a rainbow-like fan of diffracted color. Since the peak wavelength passed by a reflection hologram depends on the internal spacing of the fringes in the emulsion, any change of thickness (or index of refraction) of the emulsion will change the holographic image s primary color. The zero-thy order approximation of a transmission hologram, when illuminated, is a clear piece of glass; the base behavior of a reflection hologram acts like a mirror. This fact means that the illumination source is always on the opposite side of the hologram from the viewer in a transmission hologram (barring the use of any
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CrossReference See 16 for a discussion of matrices and identity matrices.
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15.4 Inflationary Cosmologies
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Here is the complete imagesLoaded function:
Cascading Style Sheets give the designer an awesome flexibility with respect to the overall look and feel of a site. In fact, it s entirely possible for sites to be designed with multiple style sheets, each one applicable to a particular condition. With a little JavaScript or server-side coding, different style sheets can be applied according to which browser is being used, the platform employed, even the screen resolution at work. How does Dreamweaver know which style sheet to use With the design time style sheets feature, of course. The design time style sheets feature enables you to show a specific style sheet while hiding others as you work. One key use of this command is to utilize a style sheet that is linked from your page dynamically at runtime. Your style sheets, in other words, do not have to be specifically attached to your page for you to be able to use them. To set up design time style sheets, follow these steps:
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