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Access Code 128 in .NET 9: Converting Artwork to Components

Allowing Multiple Selections
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Dreamweaver provides three methods for creating new documents: n Select your preferred document type from the Create New column of the Dreamweaver Welcome Screen. n You can use the New Document dialog box to create a new document of a type that you select from a comprehensive list within the following categories: Basic Page, Dynamic Page, Template Page, Other, CSS Style Sheets, Framesets, Page Designs (CSS), Page Designs, and Page Designs (Accessible). If you work with multiple document types, this is the way to go. n You can create a new document of a default type that you ve specified in the Preferences dialog box. If you work mostly with one document type HTML, ColdFusion, or ASP, for example this method can prove very convenient.
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Table 18-1 Effect of Different Scale-up Criteria Using a Linear Scale-up Factor of 10 and Maintaining Geometrical Similarity (Re > 104 ) Scale-up Criteria Large Scale/ Small Scale Value P N3 D5 P/V N3 D2 N or T 1 m UT ND Re ND2 Q ND3 Fr N2 D Tc N 1 kL a at equal vvm kL a at equal vs Equal P/V 1000 1 0.22 2.2 22 220 0.48 4.55 1.59 1 Equal N 105 100 1 10 100 1000 10 1 39.8 25.1 Equal UT 100 0.1 0.1 1 10 100 0.1 10 0.32 0.20 Equal Re 0.1 10 4 0.01 0.1 1 10 10 3 100 2.5 10 5 1.6 10 3 Equal kL a and vvm 829 0.8 0.3 2.7 27.2 272 0.5 9.4 1 Equal kL a and vs 1000 1 0.22 2.2 22 220 0.48 4.55 1
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Figure 9-18: The five images shown are frames of an animated GIF image that are compressed into one file using an image-editing program.
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Drawing an ellipse is harder than drawing a rectangle because the point of origin is outside the ellipse. With a rectangle, the point of origin corresponds to a corner of the rectangle, which also happens to be an anchor point. The ellipse is completely within the rectangle. Figure 5.7 shows that the top edge of the ellipse is at the midpoint of the dragged rectangle.
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Most of the sample files for this book from the Wiley Web site are delivered in the new FXP (Flex Project) format. FXP files have an .fxp file extension but are really ZIP archive files that contain all of a project s assets and properties. FXP files can be created by either Flash Builder 4 or Adobe s new graphic design application for Flex application development, Flash Catalyst. The exercise file archives for this book were created in Flash Builder. Follow these steps to import FXP files into a Flash Builder 4 workspace: 1. Choose File Import FXP from the Flash Builder menu. 2. In the Import Flex Project dialog box that appears, shown in the following figure, browse and select the FXP file for the current chapter from the Web site files.
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Ideally, source files such as Fireworks documents would never go anywhere without the fonts that were used to create them. Of course, this is not always the case. You may archive a document, find a need for it a year later and then, upon opening it, discover that you no longer have one or more of the fonts you originally used. You might send a document to someone and forget to send the fonts, or need to open a Fireworks document on another platform where your fonts won t work without conversion. Suddenly, a careful design is thrown into disarray because the substituted fonts don t have the same spacing or characteristics.
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These states define the appearance of the component during various expected user interactions. View state changes within these components are automatic; you need not specifically add the ability for a button to change from the Up to the Over state when the user interacts with it.
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In an ideal world, a Web designer works on one page at a time, carefully crafting each and every detail. Well, it s far from an ideal world and often designers are working on several pages simultaneously and over multiple sessions. If your workflow fits into this real-world model, the Reopen Documents On Startup option makes your life a little easier. When I m working on a Web application, I often have four to six pages (or more) open simultaneously. If I m continuing my work from one day to the next, the first thing I do is to make sure I ve opened all the files that I need. With the Reopen Documents On Startup option selected, Dreamweaver automatically opens any files left unclosed when I last quit the program. If this option is left unselected, you see either the welcome screen or a documentless environment.
28: Integrating Flex Applications with ColdFusion
The bar and column charts are identical in their fundamental structure and purpose: They re used to compare values or show changes in values over time. As shown in Figure 21.12, these two charts are distinguished by the dimension in which they represent numeric values: The bar chart displays horizontal bars pushing out from the chart s left-inner border, while the column chart displays vertical columns rising from the chart s bottom-inner border.
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Typographers often pay as much attention to the space between characters, words, and lines of text as they do to the appearance of the characters themselves. Their concern about space is well justified. The legibility of a block of text depends as much on the space around it, called white space, as it does on the readability of the font. InDesign offers two ways to adjust the space between characters kerning and tracking as well one way to adjust spacing between lines: leading.
This is more in the nature of a mild rant, but this option is automatically enabled for all new documents. Would it have been so difficult to provide a global preference as to whether this new, live spell-checking should be enabled by default Many people (these authors vociferously among them) believe that spell-checking should be performed only when requested and that beeping, flashing, or underlining distracts the user and detracts from productivity your mileage may vary, but that s why preference settings exist.
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