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The <menubar> and <menu> tags are alike in that they both require a name which is what appears in the menu system and an ID. The ID must be unique within the <menubar> structure to avoid conflicts. If a conflict is found (that is, if one item has the same ID as another), the first item in the XML file is recognized, and the second item is ignored.
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8. Drag your new keywords to the Quick Group area as needed, and then close the
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Here, we check whether the preloadNetThing command that was executed in the initLoad handler has finished loading the Flash .SWF file. If it has, then the path of the linked (or stored) Cast Member sliders is changed to the Internet path described in flashPath. Then, the Director playhead moves to the intro frame marker to start the movie. If the .SWF file isn t finished loading, then the Director playhead moves back to the loadLoop frame marker. The playhead will continue looping the frames between loadLoop and frame 10 until the .SWF file loads. You will want to change the name of the Cast Member sliders to the name of your Flash movie Cast Number that was used in your Director movie. These are the basic steps to preloading and changing the source file for Flash Cast Members. We didn t include error handling in the frame 10 script. As you may well know, Web servers can crash, Internet connections may falter, or a file has been deleted or moved to another location. Refer to the Lingo Dictionary included with Director 8.5 to see the various netDone and netError return values.
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This section discusses a common question: Are purchase amounts increasing or decreasing over time for each household This question can be answered in several ways. The most sophisticated is to define a trend for each household, using the slope of the line that best fits that household s purchase patterns. Two other methods are also discussed. The first compares the earliest and latest spending values, using a ratio or difference for the comparison. The second uses the average of the earliest few purchases and compares them to the average amount of the last few purchases.
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consistency across documents. A master page is a preformatted page design that you can apply to document pages in a multipage publication; a template is a preconstructed document that serves as the starting point when you need to create multiple versions of the same publication; a library is a storage file in which you can save any object you ve created with InDesign for use in other publications; and a style is a saved set of formatting that you can apply to items to guarantee consistency, both when you apply the style and when you modify the style to ensure all items with the style applied are updated automatically. To help you place and align objects, InDesign lets you create three types of guidelines: ruler guides, the baseline grid, and the document grid. You can also move the column guides that InDesign creates automatically for you. You can show or hide guidelines, and you have the option to snap object edges to guidelines when you click and drag them in the specified snap zone.
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< xml version= 1.0 standalone= yes > <tags> <tag count= 1 tag= !mobiledesktop /> <tag count= 1 tag= 31337 /> <tag count= 4 tag= 80s /> <tag count= 7 tag= 8bit /> <tag count= 7 tag= MSFT /> <tag count= 4 tag= achewood /> <tag count= 2 tag= actionscript /> <tag count= 1 tag= adbusters />
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If you plan to print the PivotTable report for offline analysis, you may want to configure the PivotTable format options and Excel s print options for the report to look best on paper. The items in your checklist should include the following:
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You can move a class or component from either the Package Explorer view or from within the source code. In the Package Explorer, click the class you want to move, then choose File Move. (You can also right-click on the class and select Move from the context menu.) As shown in Figure 2.28, a dialog box prompts you for the new location. Select a new folder location and click Preview to preview the source-code changes, or click OK to complete the Move operation. To execute the same refactoring operation in an ActionScript class s source code, right-click on the class name, then choose Refactor Move from the context menu. The same dialog appears to allow you to preview or complete the refactoring operation.
If you want iMovie to apply stabilization to your clips, select the Analyze for stabilization after import check box. This feature adjusts your clips to compensate for camera shake. Applying stabilization can take quite a while, depending on how fast your Mac is and what else it s doing at the time. Usually, it s best to see which clips have the problem,
Obviously,I m interested-I would suggest that from the beginning, you have a strong legal presence on the committee, because our downfall is they come in as a John Doe and we start to approach them and the man is unconscious. They have enough time to-resources and any kind of untoward circumstances, they ve already contacted-We get blocked a lot. Once they know that there s crash history which would apply back to the driver s behavior patterns, excessive-or whatever was applied, your family attorney advises them not to sign any institutional form-so, this invaluable tool, I think, should be clear from the beginning some kind of strong legal oversight. Once it arrives on the scene, we want to use it like a great tool. If the same amount of engineering and medical expertise goes to covering the legal bases, you approach this-we ve had to on the inside in a lot of our videotaping of resuscitations and stuff like that, where we assigned that quality assurance test which makes it non discoverable. I don t think this will fit that, but we do the dance around these issues, and they re-issues. It would invalidate-I don t know-but 20 percent, or 30 percent or more of this collected data. When you just get the perfect case, the ones that tell a story, by marrying the medical data and the crash data, it s going to be blocked.
Specifying a printer to use Setting page options for various printers Preparing and previewing reports Using the FileMaker Pro Print command Avoiding and correcting printing problems
You can make the space between rows or columns even by choosing Table Distribute Rows Evenly or Table Distribute Columns Evenly, respectively. But be careful: Merging several cells increases the perceived column or row size and causes InDesign to excessively space rows or columns based on those merged cells size. You can also resize rows and columns by clicking any of the cell boundaries and dragging them similar to how you can resize columns and rows in Microsoft Word s table editor. InDesign also lets you control how rows break across frames and pages, and whether rows must be kept together. But to do so requires a dialog box oriented to cell formatting, which is covered later in this chapter.
Listing 2-15: (Part 6 of 8)
Film Processing: C-41, E-6, and AR-5
Figure 18-8: Each of the standard drivers for JSP connections uses placeholders in brackets to indicate parameters to be completed. 3. If you re creating a connection on a testing server, choose the Using Driver On Testing Server option; otherwise, choose the Using Driver On This Machine option.
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