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You can also reformat Flash movies as screensavers for both Windows and Macintosh. A few software companies create applications specifically designed to modify Flash movies: We are pleased to have Christian Kocholl from Living Screen present the following tutorial on Flash screensavers.
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26: Integrating Flex Applications with BlazeDS and Java
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In this chapter, we have focused on classes that allow you t.o write distributed programs. For cases when a process simply needs data from a remote location, Java provides the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) class. A URL consists of six parts: protocol, hostname, port, path, filename, and document section. An example of a URL is The class allows the programmer t o read data from a URL by methods such as
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Starting the sample database
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Weight diagram for SU(2) representation of integer spin J .
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Normal Distribution data matrix
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Example 1 A Name Server :
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With its default settings, iMovie automatically applies a small Ken Burns effect to each still photo you add to a movie project. You can change this default setting by choosing either Fit to Frame or Crop in the Initial Photo Placement pop-up menu in the Timing pane of the Project Properties dialog box, as discussed earlier in this chapter. Play back the photo and see how the effect works. Most likely, you ll need to customize it. To do so, follow these steps:
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Global variables are listed in the Current panel while you re debugging a script, whether or not the current script references them.
Source: CGE&Y, J. Teutloff
Fig. 11-7: The number of edges used to create arcs and circles can affect component placement.
As previously stated, the nonzero powers of a can be multiplied by adding the powers of a modulo-7. To add two elements together, we must first express each element as a binary polynomial in powers of a of degree 2 or less. Addition is then by modulo-2 addition of the terms of the polynomial, for example:
Figure 7.44. EGPRS throughput map and distribution in a macrocell network. Reuse 1/3. One TRX. Three TSL-capable MS
Setting Label and Icon
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