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20 Web Publishing with FileMaker Pro
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Working hand-in-hand with selecting an appropriate file type is the other main goal of exporting, referred to as optimization. Optimization is the process of producing the best looking, smallest possible file. An optimized image loads faster, without sacrificing perceived quality. Because data is thrown away in the optimization process, avoid opening and editing the so-called public file types, shown in Figure 15-1, whenever possible. Store your work and move it between applications using the private file types. Think of the private file types as originals, and the public file types as photocopies made for sharing. Optimizing and exporting in Fireworks is focused around the preview tabs of the document window, the Optimize panel, and the Frames panel for animations. Adjusting settings in these panels is a necessary precursor to choosing File Export to create your exported image file. After you ve made these settings, they are saved with your Fireworks PNG file for next time. Export settings are as much a part of a document as the kinds of fills or strokes you used. The hardest part of optimizing is finding a balance between image quality and file size. Fireworks takes a lot of the guesswork out of this task by providing up to four comparison views of different formats at various color resolutions or compressions.
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When you first open a page in Dreamweaver, your default Web page is untitled, with no background image and only a plain, white background. You can change any of these properties and more through Dreamweaver s Page Properties dialog box.
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6-2.1.1 Impeller Types. The typical impellers used in transitional and turbulent mixing are listed in Table 6-1. These have been divided into different general classes, based on ow patterns, applications, and special geometries. The classi cations also de ne application types for which these impellers are used. For example, axial ow impellers are ef cient for liquid blending and solids suspension, while radial ow impellers are best used for gas dispersion. Up/down impellers can be disks and plates, are considered low-shear impellers, and are commonly used in extraction columns. The pitched blade turbine, although classi ed as an axial ow impeller, is sometimes referred to as a mixed ow impeller, due to the ow generated in both axial and radial directions. Above a D/T ratio of 0.55, pitched blade turbines become radial ow impellers (see the Visual Mixing CD for an illustrative video). Further details of these applications and impeller selection criteria are given later in the chapter.
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Part II Web Design and Layout Fundamentals
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The LFSR with characteristic polynomial p (z) 1 z z 4.
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The Movie Explorer
Print expand collapse buttons when displayed on the PivotTable If this option is selected, expand/collapse buttons are printed or not depending on whether they are displayed on the PivotTable, according to the setting of the Show expand/collapse buttons option on the Display tab. If this option is not selected, expand/collapse buttons are never printed. Repeat row labels on each printed page If a PivotTable has more than one row field, selecting this option tells Excel to repeat the outer row labels on the second and subsequent pages when the report is printed. This is not the same as printing regular row and column labels on each page, which you can do with the Set print titles option. Set print titles When this option is selected, row and column labels are repeated on each page of a multipage printed report.
The relationship of documents on the Web via links the user clicks the link in the review document to reach the speci ed page on the On Target Games website.
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