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Figure 11.37 shows an object that has the Tweak effect applied with the Relative option chosen (above) and the same values with the Absolute option chosen (below).
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XML Declaration and DOCTYPE
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You may need to add chapter markers to a movie or create a scene selection menu for a movie; this involves a bit of work outside iDVD.
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FIGURE 12.14 The Stroke & Corner Options pane of the New Object Style dialog box
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Figure 6-24: The Tools palette in Layout mode.
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options[n].index options[n].selected options[n].text options[n].value
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Finally, the map is recentered and zoomed based on the list of points (and markers) being displayed on the map:
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To create your own Panel Layout Set, follow these steps: 1. Create a panel layout worth saving by toggling the visibility of particular panels and/or adjusting their positions. You can also create new panel groups by choosing Group Panelname with from a particular panel s Options menu. 2. Choose Commands Panel Layout Sets Save Panel Layout. Fireworks displays a JavaScript dialog box asking for a name for your new Panel Layout. 3. Enter a name for your Panel Layout in the dialog box. Click OK when you re done. Fireworks saves your panel configuration as a new Panel Layout and adds it to the Panel Layout Sets submenu in the Commands menu.
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Please don t get the idea that we re against using CSS. It does have its uses, and it can be a very powerful way to control your Web sites. We do, however, believe in using the best tool for any particular job, and using something as complex as CSS to replace simple existing elements is like using an atom bomb to crack open an egg.
9-5.3.1 Designing a New Jet Mixer. For a new application, the vessel dimensions and required blend time will be de ned. The Fourier number can be calculated immediately, followed by the required jet Reynolds number. A jet velocity needs to be chosen at this point and a typical value would be 10 m/s. Once this is done, the nozzle diameter can be calculated from the jet Re, followed by the pressure drop and the pump ow rate. The jet nozzle should be constructed from standard pipe, and sizes are given in Perry and Green (1984). Choose the next larger standard pipe above the calculated diameter and recalculate the pressure drop and ow rate. This will give a shorter blend time, so it will be possible to use a lower jet velocity with this standard pipe size. If the tank operates in continuous mode, the ow through the vessel may be used to drive the jet mixer (see Example 9-8). 9-5.3.2 Pump Sizing. Using the design correlation to size a jet mixer will determine what the required ow rate through the nozzle has to be to achieve the desired blend time. In order to specify the pump, it is necessary to know the pressure drop through the system. It is quite likely that the actual operating point on the pump curve will not give exactly the ow rate speci ed, so the pump curve and the mixing curve must be combined to nd the operating conditions for the system. The pump curve for a centrifugal pump can be tted to a quadratic equation with the head on the y-axis and ow rate on the x-axis. The mixing time correlation can be expressed in terms of the ow rate and the head loss through the piping system and mixer nozzle.
One common reason for creating a bitmap mask is to remove the background from an image, isolating the foreground figure or object. Duplicating an image and then increasing the overall contrast of the duplicate can often isolate foreground and background areas, helping to create a suitable mask. To create a mask using the contrast method, follow these steps: 1. Duplicate the bitmap object that you want to mask, as shown in Figure 13-19. The mask will be created from the duplicate. 2. Select the duplicate and choose Commands Creative Convert to Grayscale to convert it into a grayscale image. 3. From the Add Effects menu in the Effects section of the Property inspector, choose Adjust Color Brightness/Contrast. Fireworks displays the Brightness/Contrast dialog box. 4. Set the Contrast slider to 100%. 5. Adjust the Brightness slider until your object resembles the desired mask as much as possible, with sharply delineated foreground and background areas (see Figure 13-20). Depending on the image you use, you may need to make a large adjustment, or none at all.
Don t sacrifice readability for cool effects. The special effects listed in this section are great for text that really needs to stand out, such as headings and button labels. However, the effects aren t advisable for large blocks of text. Although the final decision is up to you, consider the impact that your decision will have on the readability of your project.
Calculating the hazard ratios is basically the same as calculating the hazard probabilities. SQL is used to start the hazard calculation, which is finished in Excel, and then the ratio is calculated in Excel. The query to calculate the hazards by market and channel is:
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