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Figure 5.8 Frame relay and resource allocation. Right now, this is an unsolved problem in frame relay for general cases. Notice that the problem is totally independent of the presence or absence of a standard signaling protocol.
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A code window contains VBA code. Every item in a project has an associated code window. To view a code window for an object, double-click the object in the Project window. Or, select the item and click the View Code button at the top of the Explorer window. For example, to view the code window for the Sheet1 object for a particular workbook, double-click Sheet1 in the Project window. Unless you ve added some VBA code, the code window will be empty. I discuss code windows later in this chapter (see Using Code Windows ).
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Tables may be similarly selected and resized. Layout tables are selected by clicking the title bar marking the table, or by Ctrl+clicking (Command+clicking) inside an open area within the table or on the table border. If the layout table is nested within another table, it can even be dragged to a new location within the outer table. Non-nested tables cannot be dragged to a new location on the page, however.
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The Variables list is very much like the Properties list. It displays any variables in an object except for those listed in the Properties list. For example, the _level0 object always has at least one variable in it ($version), which has a value of the player version. TextField objects will always have a whole list of variables that are the properties not included in the Properties list, such as autoSize and text. Any user-defined properties and variables show up in the Variables list as well.
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For convenience, cell D2 is named FirstRow and cell D4 is named LastRow. In addition, the workbook has two named formulas. Date is defined as
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FIGURE 7.4 The five ways you can view the Swatches panel: small, medium, or large thumbnails (top row) or small or large lists
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Note that the main difference between this approach and the first is that the switches themselves are frame relay switches in the first case and ATM switches in the second case. All of the service provider s switches in this second method are ATM switches, but some of the users on the switch, and perhaps even all of them, are frame relay users. This certainly demonstrates the flexibility of ATM. Since frame relay users now are really using an ATM switch (but through a frame relay UNI at each end), the quality of service advantages of ATM networks should be more readily apparent to them. It is sometimes claimed that cell-based frame relay of one sort or another is more or less a requirement for voice and video over frame relay. However, given the rapid improvement of voice and video digitization techniques and application timing compensation, it no longer seems obvious that cell-based frame relay will automatically provide better voice and video services than something else.
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Enables you to create recordsets See chapters in Part IV and datasets and display that information on your page. You can also bind data to tag attributes and form elements and set the formatting for dynamic elements. Gives you access to prewritten See 35 server-side scripts that are used in applications. For example, you can use server behaviors to create, update, or delete records. Enables you to quickly add new See 19 JavaBeans components (if you re using JSP) or Web Services (if you re using JSP or .NET), or ColdFusion components (if you re using ColdFusion). Setting up the JavaBeans or Web Service gives you full introspection to all the pieces of that component. Continued
This is my own Web site, which contains files to download, developer tips, instructions for accessing Excel Easter eggs, spreadsheet jokes, an extensive list of links to other Excel sites, and information about my books. The URL is
Hydrogen adsorbs dissociatively on almost all metals. At 500 K the H atoms diffuse freely over the surface. Desorption occurs associatively by recombination of two H atoms, while desorption of atomic hydrogen can be ignored. (a) Calculate the partition function of adsorbed hydrogen atoms at 500 K, assuming that an adsorption site occupies an area of 10 15 cm2.
FIGURE 10.17 The default anchor state for all layout objects anchored to the top and left.
Web designers spend a good portion of their day directly interacting with a Web server: putting up new files, getting old ones, and generally maintaining the site. To ease the workflow, Dreamweaver groups site-management commands in their own menu. Site Menu commands are shown in Table 3-22.
and specify the horizontal and vertical offset of the duplicates. This command is handy if you have to create, for example, a vertical and/or horizontal grid of lines on a page. Simply draw a horizontal line at the top of the page or a vertical line along the left edge of the page. With the line selected, use the Step and Repeat command to place and evenly space as many additional lines as you need. Figure 9.4 shows a typical task that s easily handled with the Step and Repeat command. First, the top row was built by creating two copies of the original; the rest of the rows were created by stepand-repeating the four grouped objects in the top row.
false positive happening). The probability of random events increases signi cantly with increasing radioactivity within the eld of view of the scanner and thus are of most concern at high count rates. Scatter and random events are undesirable because they contribute to an increase in image background counts and consequently cause a reduction in image contrast.
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