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The HTML provided in Listing 7-9 starts with a <div> with an ID of photos. It contains an HTML list, composed of photo records returned from a call to fetchFlickrTag(). Each of these items contains quite a number of details about the Flickr photos, but the only ones you re going to use here are a link to the photo image, a link to the photo detail page, and the photo title. Note that using the Square version of photos will allow this list of photos to be turned into a set of regular-sized thumbnails when it comes time to bring the CSS into the picture. Finally, it s time to wrap up this page template with a list of bookmarks from Listing 7-10 provides the finale.
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The results can be striking, as Figure 20.5 shows. Some things to notice in the text on the right in the figure as compared to the regular text on the left side are as follows:
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Fig. 8-15. The thruster neutralizer hollow cathode generates a plasma typically 10 to 20 V above the cathode common.
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Implementing drag-and-drop with List controls
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An application calling a component method in a binding expression
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A closing </p> tag is not required by Web browsers, but using one anyway is good practice. XML, SMIL, and other HTML-like languages always require a closing tag, and the HTML 4 specification demands closing tags for complete compliance. data matrix code
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The buttons and associated functions for each button in the Group section of the PivotTable tab are summarized in Table B-8.
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Illustrator designs become quite complex very quickly. Therefore, it is important to keep the file organized with layers. By placing each piece of your design on its own layer, you can keep the art separated into editable parts. Layers are automatically created with each new shape you draw, and you can organize and controlled via the Layers panel (see Figure QS.10). You can move layers freely up or down to change the stacking order of objects on the artboard, rename them to be descriptive of their contents, and show and hide them as needed using the panel. Once you complete your design, you can simply save it as an Illustrator file. You do not need to do anything special to save the file in order to import it into Catalyst (see Figure QS.11).
Part III Working with Display Objects
alert( You hit the target )
Two new methods are defined here, along with a data structure defined as a constant. The first method, decode_entities(), is what s used to clean up character data during parsing, converting a limited set of XML/HTML entities to common text. The second method, translate_prop_name(), translates from a current tag name to the name of the corresponding key in the data structures collecting feed and entry data. Associated with this method is a static structure named PROP_MAPS. This structure associates a decision tree from feed version, to whether the data is meant for the feed or an entry in the feed, to the name of an XML tag with the corresponding data structure key to be used. For example, if the feed is in RSS 2.0 format, and a <Webmaster> tag is encountered in a feed, the data inside that tag ends up in the author property for that feed s description data. And, if the feed is in RSS 1.0 format, and a <dc:date> tag is encountered in a feed entry data, that tag s contents end up in the entry s issued property. This technique is far from perfect, but it does help blur the differences between the feed formats, settling on the Atom format s teminology for most things.
int i n s e r t ( S t r i n g s , S t r i n g hostName, i n t p o r t N u m b e r ) { i n t o l d I n d e x = s e a r c h ( s ) ; // it already there if ( ( o l d I n d e x == -1) && ( d i r s i z e < m a x S i z e ) ) { names[ d i r s i z e 1 = s ; hosts [ d i r s i z e ] = hostName; p o r t s [ d i r s i z e ] = portNuniber ; dirsize return 1 ; } e l s e // a l r e a d y t h e r e , o r t a b l e f u l l return 0 ;
You can cut and paste objects from one page to another but have the objects remain on their original layer without concern about the active layer. To do this, choose Paste Remembers Layers in the Layers panel s flyout menu so that a check mark appears to its left before pasting any objects. (The Paste Remembers Layers setting remains in effect until you choose the flyout menu option again, which makes the check mark disappear.) You might do this if you re moving the continuation of an article from one page to another but you want the text to remain on the same layer. For example, if you re working on a multilingual document with separate layers for English, French, and Spanish text, using Paste Remembers Layers ensures that text frames cut or copied from the French layer are pasted onto the French layer on the new location.
Pressure Absolute viscosity
Once you ve downloaded the TiVo Desktop software, install it and follow the instructions for setting it up. They re pretty straightforward.
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