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lash Catalyst is not designed to create complete projects. At some point, almost all projects will need to be exported to Flash Builder where a Flex developer can finish creating the interactive aspects of the application and add server-side connections for live data. Fortunately, the process of moving your project from Flash Catalyst to Flash Builder is fairly easy.
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Change to open the Batch Change sheet.
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For selected paragraphs, choose Ignore Optical Margin in the Paragraph panel s flyout menu. For all paragraphs using a specific paragraph style, enable the Ignore Optical Margin check box in the Indents and Spacing pane of the New Paragraph Style or Paragraph Style Options dialog box. (See 7 for details on creating and editing styles.)
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XML supports the same comment tag as HTML:
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When an FSCommand action is added in the Actions Panel, you can access standalone specific commands from a drop-down menu (see Figure 42-4). Refer to 17, Understanding Actions and Event Handlers, for more information on adding actions to Flash frames or buttons.
Volume, cm3 2.03 1020 7.2 1022 1.3 1024 3.6 1019 1.25 1020 1.2 1018 1.04 1020 Cells, ml 105 Total number of cells, 1026
Remember that .PNG sequence we rendered Time to optimize. Macromedia Fireworks is the best application to use for this operation. For optimization techniques, please refer to Fireworks and Flash tutorial by Scott Brown found in 30, Working with Raster Graphics, of this book. I have had the most success optimizing the sequence from a series of .PNG graphics to .GIF format, with a 128 Web Snap Adaptive color palette, and alpha transparency. This should reduce file size from approximately 74KB per frame to about 6KB per frame, a much more manageable number. You can get an even lower file size by converting to .JPEG files instead of to .GIF files, but you sacrifice background transparency. File optimization, essentially, is finding a comfortable balance between file size and appearance. That balance varies widely per project. Let s turn our focus back to the 3D Studio file that was exported just a moment ago. Open the Swift 3D application. At the very top-left of the program window, click the New button. The New File Wizard should now be visible. You have two choices at this point: to create a new and empty Swift 3D document or to create a new Swift 3D document by importing a 3D Studio file. Select the latter and the Wizard will change pages. There will now be a browse button in the center of the Wizard. Click this button and locate your 3D Studio file that you previously exported. Once this is done you can click Finish. The scene will open just as you last saw it in MAX. The animation and lighting was already completed, so all that needs to be done is export to .SWF format. First things first. Set the frame rate (right below the timeline on the left side) to the same rate that you used in MAX. Next let s take care of that horrid, white background. At the top left of the program window and underneath the buttons, there is a box containing the words Layout and Environment (see the following figure).
Table 12-2: Channels in Orders Table CHANNEL PARTNER WEB AD INSERT REFERRAL MAIL BULK CATALOG EMPLOYEE EMAIL INTERNAL CONFERENCE SURVEY COUNT 84,518 53,362 40,652 7,333 2,550 1,755 1,295 710 642 128 34 3 1
Sensorimotor: grasping and sucking; brings objects to mouth; repetition
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