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The Sandbox tools are powerful and easy-to-use tools that can create complex and organic forms. 12 introduces readers to the Sandbox tools and associated custom Ruby Scripts in a series of simple diagrams. 13 demonstrates how the Sandbox tools can create conceptual terrain and grading. 14 utilizes the Sandbox tools to create complex canopies and tensile structures. 15 reviews tips on using the Sandbox tools for modeling architecture.
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Justification controls
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Logical errors are much more difficult to track down. Often, a logical error will occur when a variable is set to a value other than what you expect it to be. This can cause other elements of the code to behave in unexpected ways. You can tell that a logical error is occurring because your application doesn t work correctly as you test it as there is nothing syntactically wrong with your code; neither Flash Builder nor Flash Player will display any error messages.
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stripped off at the source and added back on at the destination, so this solution is by no means more efficient. The valid PIDs for OUI 0x00--C2 used for bridged traffic are established and administered by the IEEE 802.1 LAN committee, as expected. These are relatively few in number and are listed in Table 11.2. Table 11.2 PID Values for OUI 0x00--C2 PRESERVING MAC FCS NOT PRESERVING MAC FCS 0x00-07 0x00-08 0x00-09 0x00-A 0x00-B 0x00-D 0x00-E 0x00-F MAC FRAME TYPE
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Importing and sampling colors
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We present a short tutorial in this section to illustrate the basic simulation process. There are three steps: 1. Prepare a simulation project. 2 . Compile the HDL codes. 3. Perform a simulation and examine the waveform.
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Appendix C XML 1.0, Third Edition Speci cation
Last Stage: Announcing Your Web Page
FIGURE 5-7: Watching a short session with
SELECT YEAR(orderdate) as year, MONTH(orderdate) as month, COUNT(*) as numorders, COUNT(DISTINCT customerid) as numcusts, SUM(prodsperord) as sumprodsperorder, SUM(prodsperord)*1.0/COUNT(*) as avgperorder, SUM(prodsperord)*1.0/COUNT(DISTINCT customerid) as avgpercust FROM (SELECT o.orderid, customerid, orderdate, COUNT(DISTINCT productid) as prodsperord FROM orders o JOIN orderline ol ON o.orderid = ol.orderid GROUP BY o.orderid, customerid, orderdate ) a GROUP BY YEAR(orderdate), MONTH(orderdate) ORDER BY 1, 2
< xml version= 1.0 encoding= utf-8 > <s:Application xmlns:fx= xmlns:s= library:// xmlns:mx= library:// > <mx:Panel title= An MX Panel with a ControlBar horizontalCenter= 0 top= 20 paddingTop= 10 paddingBottom= 10 paddingRight= 10 paddingLeft= 10 > <s:VGroup> <s:Label text= Text 1 /> <s:Label text= Text 2 /> <s:Label text= Text 3 /> </s:VGroup> <mx:ControlBar> <s:Button label= Button 1 /> <s:Button label= Button 2 /> <s:Button label= Button 3 /> </mx:ControlBar> </mx:Panel> </s:Application>
1. Turn on the scanner, and place the picture on the scanning surface. 2. Press the Start button or wake-up button on the scanner. Your Mac notices the scanner
The current magnification is shown as a percentage: 100 means that the database is shown actual size, 200 means that it s twice the actual size, and so on. Clicking the number toggles the display between 100 percent and the most recently selected zoom level. You use the pair of buttons to the right of the magnification percentage to zoom out (decrease magnification) and zoom in (increase magnification), respectively. Each time you click one of the buttons, the magnification is increased or decreased, to a maximum of 400 percent and a minimum of 25 percent.
Sending oversized pages
Changing the tuning can save a track, but you need to understand the limitations. First, tuning works accurately only on regions that contain single notes rather than
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