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Allow User Abort
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When you re editing your scripts, you ll encounter situations where you need to move a command to a position elsewhere within your script. The FileMaker Edit Script dialog offers the capability to move a step by using either the mouse or keyboard. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can achieve a similar result by copying and pasting one or more steps to a new location. (This approach isn t particularly useful for a single line of your script, but it may be worth considering if you need to move a group of commands together.)
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by t,he update operation. We do not go into detail here, but this and many other lock-free constructions can be turned into wait-free constructions by using the notion of helping moves. The main idea is that a thread tries t o help pending operations. For example, if the thread wanting to perform an update operation helps another concurrent, thread that is trying tjo do a operation, then we call it a helping move. Thus one of the ingredients in constructing a wait-free atomic snapshot would require the update operation to also scan the array.
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T I P When column A has a column of data and we want to copy a formula down column B, the following is a handy method based on keyboard shortcuts:
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The companion CD-ROM contains a workbook that demonstrates an intentional circular reference. This file is named circular reference.xlsx.
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Figure 10-8: The Edit Relationship dialog.
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Type selectors also can be used to apply styles to instances of your own custom components. For example, if you create a custom component in an MXML file named CustomButton.mxml, its type is CustomButton. Just as with type selectors for the Flex SDK s built-components, a namespace and prefix should be declared that matches the custom component s location in the project. This style sheet applies styles to all instances of custom component named CustomButton, stored in the components folder of the project s source-code root:
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i. Leith, E. N. and J. Upatnieks, (1962). Reconstructed Wavefronts and Communication Theory, J . Opt. SOC.Amer., 52, pp. 1123-1 130. ii. Leith, E. N. and J. Upatnieks, (1963). Wavefront Reconstruction with Continuous-Tone Objects, J . Opt. SOC.Amer., 53, pp. 1377-1381. iii. Leith, E. N. and J. Upatnieks, (1964) Wavefront Reconstruction with Diffused Illumination and Three-Dimensional Objects, J . Opt. SOC.Amer., 54, pp. 12951301 (1964). This famous Train and Bird hologram is on display at the MIT Museum. iv. Meier, R. W. (1965) Magnification and Third-Order Aberrations in Holography, J . Opt. SOC. Amer., 55, pp. 987-992 (1965). v. Ward, A. A. and L. Solymar, (1986). Image Distortions in Display Holograms, J . Photog. Sci., 24, pp. 62-76.
Taken from Mary Reinhart s speech before the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services-Statewide Trauma Care System Forum, September 2003. On March 4, 2003, the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) commented to NHTSA
Consider the at-risk population for customers at tenure one. These customers have to be at risk of stopping at tenure one and the stop needs to occur after the left truncation date. So, tenure one needs to occur on or after the left truncation date. In other words, the customer must start between one day before the left truncation date and one day before the cutoff date. The general rule is that a customer is in the population at risk at tenure t when that tenure occurs on or after the left truncation date and before the cutoff date. The following two rules for membership in the population at risk encapsulate this observation:
Determining your space needs
Each container nested within a navigator container, whether implemented as a ViewStack, TabNavigator, or Accordion, should have a label property. The label is an arbitrary String that s used in many circumstances to describe the container s purpose to the user. You don t always need the label property, but if you bind the stack to a navigator container that generates interactive components such as Buttons, or if you use the TabNavigator or Accordion containers, the value of each nested container s label is displayed on the interactive component that navigates to that child container. This code creates a ViewStack with five views or layers:
Regardless of whether you are using local or remote debugging, the functionality within the Debugger window is the same. The Debugger is composed of several sections (see Figure 6-2): The status bar indicates whether the Debugger is active. If it is active, the status bar will display the location of the movie being debugged. The Display list (top left) allows you to choose from the display objects in the movie. The Properties, Variables, Locals, and Watch lists allow you to see values, and (in some cases) edit values for properties and variables. The Call Stack viewer displays the stack trace, if any. The Code View pane (with accompanying jump menu and toolbar) allows you to view the code in the movie (if there is an SWD file). The Code View pane is on the right side of the panel.
You can align paragraphs in different ways. Each way is represented by an icon in the Paragraph panel that shows a graphical representation of what multiple lines of type look like when that particular alignment is applied. Each alignment type has a specific function:
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