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hen we first conceived this chapter, we imagined walking you through the steps of creating a simple FileMaker Pro database. But the more we thought about it, the more pointless that approach seemed. The purpose of this book is to give you a solid understanding of FileMaker Pro s features and capabilities not just a quick glimpse of them. So the chapter took a dramatic turn. Instead of helping you design a simple database in this chapter, we step you through the creation of a full-featured database called Address Book Advanced, which is a database featuring multiple layouts, buttons, scripts, and reports. Figure 4-1 shows the data entry layouts for the completed database and points out some of its features. The only major FileMaker Pro 8 features that we don t cover here are multiple tables and relations, but we get to those in subsequent chapters (in particular, 18).
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4.1 Character and Entity References
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Part VIII Working with Flash in Context
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This range is not appropriate for a pivot table.
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The eDiamond project (in most cases, deliberate) overlaps with several other grid projects, particularly in mammography, and more generally in medical image analysis. First, the project has strong links to the US NDMA project, which is exploring the use of Grid technology to enable a database of directly digitised (as opposed to lm-screen) mammograms. IBM is also the main industrial partner for the US NDMA project, and has provided a Shared University Research (SUR) grant to create the NDMA Grid under the leadership of the University of Pennsylvania. Now in Phase II of deployment, the project connects hospitals in Pennsylvania, Chicago, North Carolina, and Toronto. The architecture of the NDMA Grid leverages the strengths of the IBM eServer clusters running AIX and Linux with open protocols from Globus. The data volumes will exceed 5 petabytes per year, with network traf c at 28 terabytes per day. In addition, privacy mandates that all image transmissions and information concerning patient data be encrypted across secure public networks. Teams from the University of Pennsylvania and IBM have worked together to implement a prototype fast access, very large capacity DB2 Universal Database to serve as the secure, highly available index to the digitised X-ray data. Operation of this system is enhanced by DB2 parallel technology that is capable of providing multi-gigabyte performance. This technology also enables scalable performance on large databases by breaking the processing into separate execution components that can be run concurrently on multiple processors. The eDiamond project will be able to learn to draw from and utilise the considerable body of practical experience gained in the development of the NDMA Grid. It is expected that eDiamond and NDMA will collaborate increasingly closely. A critical difference between eDiamond and the NDMA project will be that eDiamond will use standardisation techniques prior to image storage in the database. Second, there is a complementary European project Mammogrid, which also involves Oxford University and Mirada Solutions, together with CERN, Cambridge University, the University of Western England, and Udine; but which, as noted in the previous section, will concentrate on three different applications: the use of a federated database for quality
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Finally, the TLabel class exposes two methods that control the location (setPosition()) and the opacity (setOpacity()) of the label on the map. Some examples of how to use these are shown later in this chapter.
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1. Transform the object using Edit Free Transform, or Ctrl+T (Windows), +T (Mac OS). 2. Enter a percentage figure in the Width and Height text fields on the options bar, or enter once and click the link icon between the two text fields. If you re transforming manually by using the handles on the bounding box, make a note of the percentage figure in the options bar (ignore any fractions). 3. Choose Layer Layer Style Scale Effects. In the Scale Layer Effects dialog box (Figure 7-8), enter the figure you noted in step 2. 4. Click the OK button to apply the setting.
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The Tools panel
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phi = 2 * Pi * Rnd sintheta = Sqr(l# - costheta 2) vz = Cos(phi) * sintheta vy = Sin(phi) * sintheta vx = costheta rf = rBottom t = (vx * rO + Sqr((vx 2 + vy (vy * rO) 2 ) ) / (vx 2 + vy 2) z = z o + t * v z End If ' bottom cylinder re-emission
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1. Relaunch InDesign or, if necessary, restart your computer and then launch InDesign. 2. If automatic-recovery data is available, InDesign automatically opens the recovered document and displays the word Recovered in the document s title bar. This lets you know that the document contains changes that were not included in the last saved version. 3. If you want to save the recovered data, choose File Save or press +S or Ctrl+S. Recovered is removed as part of the file name, and InDesign asks whether you want to overwrite the old file. Overwriting the old file is easier than choosing File Save As or pressing Shift+ +S or Ctrl+Shift+S and then typing a name, unless you do want to save a copy of the file in case you want to go back to the old version later.
The second circuit performs comprehensive testing. It verifies operation of the SRAM controller and checks the integrity of the SRAM chip as well. This circuit has three functions: 0 Write testing data patterns to the entire SRAM at the maximal rate. 0 Read the entire SRAM at the maximal rate, check the retrieved data against the original patterns, and record the number of erroneous readouts. 0 Inject erroneous data. These functions can be initiated by three debounced pushbuttons. The ASMD chart is shown in Figure 10.7. It contains three branches, corresponding to
Introducing Flash Builder 4
1. Launch FileMaker Pro and open the Address Book Advanced database that we created in 4 (and which is on the companion CD). The Form layout appears, showing names and phone numbers. (If the database opens to a different layout, use the Layouts menu to switch to the correct layout.) 2. Switch to Find mode by using the mode pop-up menu, the Find mode button, choosing View Find Mode, or pressing +F/Ctrl+F. A blank Find request appears (refer to Figure 9-1). You enter search criteria into the Find request. 3. Type Thompson in the Last Name field. 4. Click the Find button. FileMaker Pro searches for all records that contain the last name Thompson and displays one record with that name. Because only one record was found that matches your criteria, you call Mr. Thompson to discover that he needs to place a large rush order and would have called a competitor if you hadn t responded so quickly. This example of using Find mode shows the basic steps involved in locating specific database records. With the database open, you switch to Find mode and choose a layout showing the fields containing the information you seek. You then enter search criteria into the layout s fields and click the Find button. Finally, you examine the found set the set of all records resulting from a Find operation. (Records that don t match your search criteria are automatically hidden from view; that is, they are not part of the found set.)
Designing a custom export process
FIGURE 32.9 The original InDesign layout
FileMaker Pro cannot export to remote sources nor can it export data directly into an existing FileMaker Pro file. Instead of exporting directly into the target application file, you simply export the data to a temporary file and then import it using the target application s procedures to import data. The net effect is the same.
Trying It Out in the Real World
The File Handling pane of the Preferences dialog box (the default settings are shown)
Schematic illustration of the O-glycosidic link formed by dehydration of an anomeric carbon
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