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identical relationship is valid with boiling solutions in which the elevation of boiling point would have the same effect as that of signi cant increases in impeller submergence. It is also unlikely that liquid viscosity will have a signi cant in uence as long as the Reynolds number is high. These two facts encourage the conclusion that the results will be valid for all low viscosity liquids. The locus of the limiting power appropriate to ooding an 0.18 m diameter Rushton impeller at a submergence of 0.3 m is also shown in Figure 11-15. The much higher relative power demand of an impeller in rapidly boiling liquid compared with that in the near- ooded, cold-sparged condition at the same shaft speed (i.e., of Fr or Sm) is evident. These boiling cavitation and (cold) gas ooding lines represent limits between which a sparged boiling reactor might be expected to operate. Example 11-3: Impeller Power in a Boiling Crystallizer. An upward-pumping pitched blade impeller of 0.6 m in diameter is to be speci ed for a boiling crystallizer in which it is submerged by 0.7 m. If the critical Smith number for this impeller is 1.3 with RPD obeying a Sm0.4 law, and the RPD is not to be lower than 60% of the ungassed value, what is the maximum speed at which the impeller should be driven See Table 11-8 for the calculations. The relevant equations, which are solved using TK Solver or a similar program, are FlG = QG ND3 Fr = N2 D g PU = Po N3 D5 L 2gS 2 = 2 2 vt S D 1 Fr vt = ND
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If you do a lot of work with charts, you may want to add the Chart Element control to your Quick Access Toolbar. That way, it will always be visible regardless of which Ribbon tab is selected. To add the control to your QAT, right-click it and choose Add To Quick Access Toolbar.
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Gilman, Don; Automotive Black Box Data Recovery Systems. 5 Sept. 2003.
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<h2 class="pagebreak">Spa Services</h2>
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Figure 17.4 Authentication appended to plaintext transaction data.
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At the left side of the dialog box is a list of types of attributes that are or can be set. The selected items are in use for this style; you can deselect an item so that InDesign doesn t apply its settings to objects using the style. For example, if Fill is deselected, the object style won t apply any Fill settings to objects using that style.
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California bill was introduced by Tim Leslie, a Republican assemblyman, who contended that the devices were installed without the owner s knowledge or consent and that the information they gathered should be subject to the same legal protections as provided by the Fourth Amendment for other kinds of private information. He compared it to the process for getting permission to tap a telephone. Mr. Leslie s legislative director, Kevin O Neill, said in a telephone interview that in the case of a crash that resulted in civil litigation or criminal prosecution, the data would be obtainable by court order. But the information should be protected by a process, Mr. O Neill said. The bill that Governor Davis signed reads as follows: JANUARY 29, 2003-An act to add Section 9951 to the Vehicle Code, relating to vehicles. LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL S DIGEST AB 213, Leslie. Vehicles: manufacturers: disclosure. Existing law sets forth various provisions governing vehicle manufacturers. Those provisions include the requirement that manufacturers disclose in the owner s manual, or other written material, as specified, of a new motor vehicle sold in this state, the fact that the vehicle, as equipped, may not be operated with tire chains. This bill would require a manufacturer of a new motor vehicle sold or leased in this state that is equipped with one or more recording devices, commonly referred to as event data recorders (EDR) or sensing and diagnostic modules (SDM), to disclose that fact in the owner s manual for the vehicle. The bill would prohibit specified data that is recorded on a recording device from being downloaded or otherwise retrieved by a person other than the registered owner of the motor vehicle, except under specified circumstances. The bill would also require a subscription service agreement to disclose that specified information may be recorded or transmitted as part of the subscription service. The bill would provide that it applies to all motor vehicles manufactured on or after July 1,2004. Because a violation of the Vehicle Code is an infraction, the bill would create new infractions, thereby imposing a statemandated local program. The California Constitution requires the state to reimburse local agencies and school districts for certain costs mandated by the state. Statutory provisions establish procedures for making that reimbursement. This bill would provide
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Truly Global Networking
n/a Command+ Shift+T
10.2 These disks lose their names and custom icons after they re integrated into the RAID.
Notice that you use the custom connection class, give new connection information, and finally pass the database link into the query call. At no point in this code is the connection information accessible or exposed to the general public.
FIGURE 28-11 With the Repeating Table feature, you can define multiple rows to repeat.
gives you total control right from the word go, or use the Magic iDVD feature to jump-start creating the DVD. If you use Magic iDVD, you avoid Step 3 altogether, and Magic iDVD takes care of Step 4 for you.
Part IV
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