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The examples in this section deal with the Worksheet_Change event, which is one of many events available at the worksheet level. This event is triggered whenever a cell is changed in a worksheet. As you ll see, these types of macros can be very useful to update charts automatically.
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Na ve Bayesian Model: Scoring and Lift
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Developing Applications
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Subsequent to the definition of a module, the module name is a newly visible type and variables of its type may be declared. Such variables are usually referred to as handles for the module and are used to hold the result of a load expression. When the implementation of a module is loaded, by way of a load expression, a reference to the instantiated module is returned. This is stored in a variable with type of the loaded module. The member constants of a module may either be accessed via the module type name (i.e. the module interface), e.g. Swamp->DESCR, or via a variable with type of the module, e.g. swamp->DESCR, subsequent to a declaration such as:
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it. To set the line style you can use the lineStyle() method. This method accepts eight parameters. All but the line thickness are optional. The following lists the parameters in the order in which the method expects them. thickness This numeric value can range from 0 (hairline) to 255. This value indicates how many points across the line should be. The parameter is required. color This numeric value should be the color for the line. Typically, it is convenient to work with hexadecimal representation for this value, though it is not required. For example, to draw a blue line you can use the value 0x0000FF. The default value is 0x000000. alpha This is a value from 0 to 100 indicating the alpha of the line. Typically, a value of 0 is used only when you want to create a filled shape that displays no outline. The default value is 100. pixelSnapping New to Flash 8, this optional Boolean parameter lets you instruct Flash to snap to whole pixel values. The default value is false. scaleType Also new to Flash 8, you can optionally specify how a line thickness scales. By default the value is normal, which means the line scales as the movie clip scales. For example, a 1-pixel line within a movie clip that is scaled to 200 percent will appear 2 pixels wide. Setting the value to vertical means it only scales if the movie clip is scaled vertically, and setting the value to horizontal means it only scales if the movie clip is scaled horizontally. Setting the value to none means the line does not scale. endCaps In Flash 8 you can specify what type of end cap to apply to the line. The default is round. You can also specify square or none. joinStyle In Flash 8, you can specify how lines join to one another. If two lines share a common end point, then Flash applies a join style. By default the join style is round. You can also specify none or miter, which can cause a pointed or blunted join. miterLimit If you specify a miter join slyle, you can also specify a number to use as the miter limit. The miter limit specifies the number of pixels from the line joint point the join is cut off. The default value is 3, and the valid range is from 0 to 255. Here is an example in which we create a new MovieClip and set the line style. We ll use a hairline, red line with 100 alpha (implicit because no value is specified).
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16: Creating 3-D in Illustrator
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This ASP page takes the username and password sent to the ASP pages and checks for them in a simple text file (users.txt). If it finds a matching username and password combination, it sends the usernum back to the Flash movie. If it does not find any match, or encounters any other errors, it returns sError. Author s Note: You can examine this code more closely (and easily) by copying the Login.asp file from the ch29 folder of the Flash 5 Bible CD-ROM. ************************************************************* Process the data and log in ************************************************************* If (Request.Querystring.Count > 0) Then Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim strUsername User s username strPassword User s password strFile The text file path and filename strTextLine One line of the text file strError Stores the error message if there is one bolUsernameMatch Flag to determine if the username matches bolPasswordMatch Flag to determine if the password matches objFSO File System Object objUserFile File containing all the username and passwords nUserNum UserNum to be returned to flash on success
The total beam current is then
Figure 5-31 Surface mesh used for the LDPE reactor.
In My Defense
Part III: Working with Data
6. Specify a method for frame disposal by clicking the Frame Disposal menu button (the Trash icon next to the Frame Delay field) and choosing an option. 7. Choose whether or not your animation loops by clicking either the Play Once or the Loop button. If you click the Loop button, specify the number of times to loop in the Number of Loops option list. You can either choose a number from the list, type another number, or choose Forever to loop continuously. Click the Next button when you re done. Fireworks displays the Export dialog box.
The term End-User Performance is used to refer to the Quality of Service (QoS) that the user perceives when using an application. No matter which wireless network lies beneath the transmission (whether it is GPRS, EDGE, CDMA2000, WCDMA or WiFi), the metrics which define the performance of one application are directly linked to the characteristics of the service itself. From the user point of view, the whole network can be considered as a data bearer which provides certain transmission capabilities. These capabilities can be defined by the combination of two basic parameters: throughput and latency. However, in order to fully define the access network it is also necessary to consider other additional factors, like the accessibility and the retainability of the connections. These terms can be described as follows.
Table 36-1 NTSC Color Conversion Chart
Part VII Programming with Fireworks
It is possible to create images completely from scratch in Photoshop. There are, in fact, artists who create photo-realistic imagery entirely in the program. Most of the time, however, you will be opening pre-existing images, whether pulled from your company s image library, downloaded from a stock photo site, or taken by you on your digital camera.
The preceding technique is a robust way of adding a value to the end of your list, but if you want to insert the new value into the midst of the list, you require a different approach. For example, if you want to insert a value after the fourth value in a lengthy list, you could split and recombine the list (inserting the new value between the parts) using an expression such as
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