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The plasma density is proportional to the discharge current decreased by the amount of direct primary loss to the anode ( I d - ZL), as expected. This relationship shows why implementing sufficient cusp magnetic field strength is critically important to the thruster performance. Unfortunately, the ionization and excitation terms still contain n p / n, , so Eq. (4.3-52) must be solved iteratively for the plasma density. Once the plasma density is known, the beam current can be calculated from Eq. (4.3-50). If the flatness parameter, which is defined as the average current density divided by the peak, is known, then the peak plasma density and peak beam current density can be obtained. The flatness parameter is found by experimental measurements of the plasma and beam profiles, or by two-dimensional (2-D) models of the discharge that are discussed in Section 4.7. 4.3.8 Discharge Loss
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i) Immerse tissue in EDTA for 10 min and then return to HBSS. ii) Mechanically disaggregate the tissue with a sterile scalpel and forceps in a small volume of HBSS in a sterile glass plate (or on a glass slide). Do not allow to dry. iii) Transfer the material to a 2-mL aliquot of cell dissociation mix (CDM) in a 15-mL conical tube and place in a shaking incubator at 37 C, for 1 2 h, with occasional trituration by syringe with an 18-gauge needle. iv) Centrifuge at 250 g for 3 min. v) Carefully remove and discard the supernate. Washing is optional. If excluded, the pellet from Step (iv) can be resuspended directly in Step (vii). vi) Add 3 mL of HBSS, gently resuspend the cell pellet by pipetting, and then centrifuge again at 250 g for 3 min. Carefully remove and discard the supernate. vii) Resuspend the cell pellet in prewarmed GCM [the remaining half of the total culture volume; refer back to Protocol 5.3, Step (f)]. Allow cells to stand for 3 5 min.
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Likewise, the amplitude for the second wave, from source Sz, is given by
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Note how the inner <i>. . .</i> tag pair is enclosed by the <b>. . .</b> pair. The Wrap Tag mode of the Quick Tag Editor surrounds any selection with your entered tag in one easy operation. The Wrap Tag mode appears initially when you have selected just text (with no surrounding tags) or an incomplete tag (the opening tag and contents, but no closing tag). The Wrap Tag mode is visually similar to the Insert HTML mode, as you can see in Figure 6-22. However, rather than just include exactly what you ve entered into the Quick Tag Editor, Wrap Tag mode also inserts a closing tag that corresponds to your entry. For example, you want to apply a tag not available as an object: the subscript, or <sub>, tag. After highlighting the text that you want to mark up as subscript (a 2 in the formula H20, for example), you open the Quick Tag Editor and enter sub. The resulting code looks like the following:
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The Flash Player Controls become active once a Flash movie is present in the current Dreamweaver document. To use the Flash Player Controls, follow these steps: Step 1: Insert at least one Flash movie by choosing an animation from the Assets panel or applying the Insert Flash object. Step 2: Enter a unique name in the ID field of the Flash Property Inspector for each movie. A distinct ID avoids browser compatibility problems; if one is not initially supplied, Dreamweaver offers to make one for you when any of the behaviors are applied. Step 3: Select the text link, hotspot, or image to trigger the behavior. If you d like to apply the Set Flash by List behavior, select a form list object.
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This Page Intentionally Left Blank
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SELECT (CASE WHEN THEN WHEN WHEN WHEN LEFT(ccn, 2) MASTERCARD LEFT(ccn, 1) LEFT(ccn, 2) LEFT(ccn, 3) IN ( 51 , 52 , 53 , 54 , 55 ) IN ( 4 ) THEN VISA IN ( 34 , 37 ) THEN AMERICAN EXPRESS IN ( 300 , 301 , 302 , 303 , 304 , 305 ) OR IN ( 36 , 38 , 55 ) CLUB IN ( 6011 ) THEN DISCOVER IN ( 2014 , 2149 ) THEN ENROUTE IN ( 35 ) OR IN ( 2131 , 1800 )
GSM, GPRS and EDGE Performance
Now it s time to work on the park. In this tutorial you will give the park a personality of its own. You will learn to generate terrain using three separate Sandbox tools: From Scratch, Drape, and Smoove. In combination, they allow you to generate smooth terrain fitting into a specific site plan location. The height or depth of the terrain is easily controlled, and you will learn to snap the terrain to the tops of walls and edges. Download from 3D Warehouse and open model: Park_Landform
A pin-wheel is a mechanical implementation of a tape; it generates a periodic sequence of 0 s and 1 s. A pin-wheel contains a number L of pins equally spaced around its circumference. The pin-wheel operates, so that
Content from Word can be simply copied and pasted into Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver handles the conversion from Word to HTML, automatically retaining most formatting in clean HTML. The same copy/paste functionality applies to Excel. For full documents, you can use Dreamweaver s Import Word HTML command. This feature strips out the unnecessary code and even permits you to format the code as you format your other Dreamweaver files. The Import Word HTML command offers a wide range of options for cleaning up the code. Of course, not all Web content derives from word-processing documents databases and spreadsheets are the other two legs of the modern office software triangle. With the Import Tabular Data command, Dreamweaver offers the capability to incorporate data from any source that can export structured text files. Just save your spreadsheet or database as a comma-, tab-, or otherwise delimited file and bring it directly into Dreamweaver in the table style of your choice.
Appendix D WML 2.0 Speci cation
You can use these types of methods to plot graphs of stock market trends. It is common practice to plot the natural log of the indices versus time. Therefore, if you receive stock market data from, let s say, an XML document, you can use the log() method of the Math class to plot the values on a graph. There are some more powerful techniques for which both the exp() and the log() methods are useful. Although probably not something you will need in all your Flash movies, you can use the log() method to approximate integrals and derivatives. And you can use the exp() method to approximate hyperbolic trig functions. These sorts of approximations can be useful for finding areas under curves or for finding values in physics equations (such as the velocity at a point in time given a constant acceleration).
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