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ActionScript 3. The most recent version of the ActionScript language to evolve in the Flash authoring environment over the lifetime of the product. A complete object-oriented language, ActionScript 3 is based on the ECMAScript Edition 4 draft language specification. It includes most of the elements of object-oriented languages, including class definition syntax, class package structuring, strong data typing of variables, and class inheritance. MXML. A pure XML-based markup language that is used to define a Flex application and many of its components. Most of the elements in MXML correspond to an ActionScript 3 class that s delivered as part of the Flex class library. FXG. A new XML-based language that enables you to represent graphic objects as XML markup. The new Adobe Flash Catalyst application generates projects that describe functional applications and their graphic presentations in a combination of MXML, FXG, and ActionScript. You can then develop these projects further in Flash Builder 4. MXML includes many vector graphic drawing tags that enable you to declare low-level graphic objects in your Flex applications. These tags are designed to follow the FXG markup language s syntax and element and attribute names. You can also treat complete FXG files as graphical images.
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4. If you want to share songs from your iMac, check the Share my library on my local network option. Choose which songs to share and whether to use a password:
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Setting the tab order
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called the straggling of the ranges. The heavier alpha particles are not affected to a signi cant degree and demonstrate very little straggling of range.
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SELECT zc.zipcode, longitude, latitude, numords, (CASE WHEN hh = 0 THEN 0.0 ELSE numords*1.0/hh END) as penetration FROM zipcensus zc JOIN (SELECT zipcode, COUNT(*) as numords FROM orders GROUP BY zipcode) o ON zc.zipcode = o.zipcode WHERE latitude BETWEEN 20 and 50 AND longitude BETWEEN -135 AND -65
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The addition of ammonia and amines to unsaturated hydrocarbons, called hydroamination, is a desirable but difficult reaction. Only activated multiple bonds react readily in hydroamination to yield amines in an equilibrium reaction. It is necessary, therefore, to use catalysts in the transformation of nonactivated compounds.
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Data clean-up prior to importing
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You can create a style object on the _global.styles object such that the style object s name matches the class name for one of the UI components, and all instances of that class will automatically apply the style object settings. For example, if you create a _global.styles. Button style object, all Button component instances automatically apply those style settings. Here s an example:
20: Using Advanced List Controls
Using Comments in Your Code
Web Query Data From Web
Adding Unordered Lists
Figure D.3. Interference between operator 1 and operator 2. Operator 1 interferes with operator 2 in downlink and operator 2 interferes with operator 1 in uplink
to re-create, but instead of doing so, select your object and create a style from it. Image or path objects can look incredibly textured and fussed-over in the time it takes to apply a style. It s worth noting again that these effects remain completely editable on each new object they re applied to.
Non-Perturbative Methods
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