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Part I: Illustrator Basics
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xmlVal.onLoad = function(bSuccess:Boolean):Void { if (bSuccess){ trace(this.toString()); } else{ trace( document failed to load or parse. ); } };
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FIGURE 12-14: A multitone effect applied to an RGB image by using a combination of a Hue/Saturation and Color Balance adjustment layers.
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Types of microorganisms active in the nitrogen cycle and their enzyme systems (from Stein, L.Y. and Yung, Y.L. 2003. Production, isotopic composition, and atmospheric fate of biologically produced nitrous oxide. Annu. Rev. Earth Planet. Sci. 31:329 356. Reprinted with permission from Annual Reviews of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Vol. 31. Copyright 2003 by Annual Reviews,
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and if two operators A and B fail to commute,
var roHello:RemoteObject = new RemoteObject(); roHello.destination = roHello ;
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When naming a custom floating panel, be sure to avoid names reserved for Dreamweaver s built-in elements: assets, behaviors, codesnippet, CSS styles, dataSource, documenttype, frames, helpbook, HTML, insertbar, AP elements, library, objects, or history properties, reference, samplecontent, serverBehavior, serverFormat, serverModel, site, taglibrary, site files, site map, templates, timelines, timelines, or toolbar.
XML getServiceDescription()
The Convert Shape options
The info window in Google Maps is an effective way of providing more detailed information for a placemark. Google Earth automatically creates these windows based on information within the <description> tag within a placemark. For example, the Pompeii town square placemark can be described using this:
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