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used in the I-WAY experiment. In Section 4.9, we discuss some related work. Finally, in Section 4.10, we present our conclusions and outline directions for future research.
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Again, you have several ways to add color to your text in Dreamweaver. Click the color box in the Property inspector to display the color picker, displaying a limited palette of colors. Clicking the System Color Picker button in the color picker enables you to choose from a fullspectrum Color dialog box.
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Part IV Putting FileMaker Pro to Work
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Second, you can t specify the color to print as a spot color, which you might later decide is how you want to print a particular color. They print only as process colors and do not show up in the list of colors in the Color pane of the Print dialog box (see 31 for more details on this).
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You can also select a menu command with the up- and down-arrow keys and then press Return/Enter.
AMR reuse 9 out performs EFR reuse 12
Here s how to tell iTunes to share some or all of your songs and to show you which songs other people on your network are sharing:
Date fields are similar to Time fields. The maximum length of a Date field is ten characters up to eight characters for the month (two), day (two), and year (four), plus two separators. You can separate the parts of the date with any non-alphanumeric character, such as a slash or dash (but not a space). Although four digits should be entered to prevent ambiguity in the year portion of dates, you can also enter two digits to represent most current years. FileMaker Pro 8 will convert two-year digit values to the corresponding four-digit year, up to 70 years prior or 30 years subsequent to the date it was entered. For example, if you enter 3/20/50 in the year 2005, FileMaker Pro will enter that as March 20, 1950; however, if you enter 7/30/28 in the year 2005, FileMaker Pro treats that as July 30, 2028. If you omit the year altogether, FileMaker assumes that you mean the current year (per the system clock).
When you implement a process to store Find criteria sets, your users can browse or search through a complete Find history. You can also provide a simple process for users to automatically reinstate a Find (that is, to rerun the Find against the current data in the relevant table). The essentials of a script to reinstate a Find (stored in the form outlined earlier) are as follows:
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The semicolon character at the end of lines is optional when you code one statement per line but is used nearly universally to improve code readability. n
Figure 3-23 Intermaterial area density ( ) from coarse-grained stretching average in the standard Kenics mixer at Re = 10(10)1/3 after (a) 8, (b) 12, (c) 16, and (d ) 22 mixer elements. See insert for a color representation of this gure.
13. Switch to Source mode.
TRUE and FALSE Converting Measures Using CONVERT Those Pesky Macros Counting Data Counting Data Counting Data Counting Data Counting Data Data Validation Creating Histograms Conditionally Formatted Charts Inserting a Text Box into a Chart
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