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Solder each wire to the respective electrical contact. The contacts are extremely small, so you can only solder the tip of the wire to the contact. Start from one side on the connector and work your way to the other side (see Figure 12-30). When you re done, you should end up with a connector that looks like Figure 12-31. Check to make sure no wire is touching any other wire.
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Method addListener(source, eventName, listenerFn) removeListener (listener) clearListeners(source, eventName) Description Calls the listener function (listenerFn) when the event is triggered on the source instance. An opaque listener token that can be used with removeListener is returned. Removes the given listener, which should be a listener token returned by addListener. Removes all listeners for the given event on the given source.
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The effective area is obtained by projection of the active area on to the beam direction from the zenith. Omitting the detailed derivation, we present the resulting expression:
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MsgBox Good Afternoon Case Else MsgBox Good Evening End Select End Sub
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demanding applications will no longer be executed primarily on supercomputers and single workstations using local data sources. Instead enterprise-wide systems, and someday nationwide systems, will be used that consist of workstations, vector supercomputers, and parallel supercomputers connected by local and wide area networks. Users will be presented the illusion of a single, very powerful computer, rather than a collection of disparate machines. The system will schedule application components on processors, manage data transfer, and provide communication and synchronization in such a manner as to dramatically improve application performance. Further, boundaries between computers will be invisible, as will the location of data and the failure of processors. The future is now; after almost a decade of research and development by the Grid community, we see Grids (then called metasystems [2]) being deployed around the world in both academic and commercial settings. This chapter describes one of the major Grid projects of the last decade, Legion, from its roots as an academic Grid project [3 5] to its current status as the only commercial complete Grid offering, Avaki, marketed by a Cambridge, Massachusetts company called AVAKI Corporation. We begin with a discussion of the fundamental requirements for any Grid architecture. These fundamental requirements continue to guide the evolution of our Grid software. We then present some of the principles and philosophy underlying the design of Legion. Next, we present brie y what a Legion Grid looks like to administrators and users. We introduce some of the architectural features of Legion and delve slightly deeper into the implementation in order to give an intuitive understanding of Grids and Legion. Detailed technical descriptions are available in References [6 12]. We then present a brief history of Legion and Avaki in order to place the preceding discussion in context. We conclude with a look at the future and how Legion and Avaki t in with emerging standards such as Open Grid Services Infrastructure (OGSI) [13].
Hoogsteen/Watson-Crick triplex base pairs
Opening Freehand files directly into Flash 5 is very convenient because it retains a good deal of structure. However, the .SWF Export feature is still a very good method for outputting FreeHand files as Flash movies, because it not only creates the most optimized result, it also does much of the tedious work for you. For instance, if you have a tinted black-and-white TIFF image pasted inside a circle shape in a FreeHand drawing, you can export an optimized .SWF movie. When you import that .SWF file into Flash, your image will open as a Flash bitmap image with a mask of the circle shape. You can access the .SWF Export feature by choosing File Export (Shift+Command+R or Shift+Ctrl+R), and selecting Flash (.SWF) (PC) or Flash .SWF (Mac) in the Save as Type (PC) or Format (Mac) drop-down menu. Click the Options button (Mac) or the Setup button (PC) to access the conversion properties used for the Flash .SWF file (see the following figure).
Fig. 3-6: With the Push/ Pull tool, push in the face you created with the Rectangle tool.
Nu = For a harp or helical coil Nu = For a plate coil Nu =
3. If you select the Add automatically check box to add automatic transitions and your
TABLE 9.14 PC-1
I use the term table to describe a rectangular range of data. The range does not necessarily need to be an official table, as created by Excel s Insert Tables Table command.
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