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Dreamweaver makes it easy to code in XHTML and even to convert existing pages from HTML to XHTML. To work in XHTML from the ground up, select the Make Document XHTML Compliant option on the New Document category of Preferences (available when you choose Edit Preferences on Windows or Dreamweaver Preferences on a Mac). Selecting this option automatically selects an identical option on the New Document dialog box (File New), which you can disable on a case-by-case basis, if necessary. After a document has been set as an XHTML file, all the tags are written in the proper style. To switch an HTML page to XHTML, choose File Convert XHTML. The conversion is automatically applied to the current document; no standard method exists to convert an entire site. Because Dreamweaver has taken the pain out of using XHTML, the question is: Should you code in XHTML or HTML As in most situations, it depends. Many larger companies that work extensively in XML require well-formed XHTML pages. Because it is the latest version of the Web s core language and recommended by the W3C you ll be perfectly poised for the future. One aspect of the future is the proliferation of Internet devices other than the computer: PDAs, cell phones, and set-top boxes, among others. For these types of devices, XHTML is far more portable than HTML.
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9 Structuring Paths
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The current status of the standardization has not yet frozen for current release, but after the summer of 2004 everything seems to indicate that Scenario 2 and 3 will be included, by
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Adding Content to Template Documents
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The Edit Menu
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Using Creative Strokes and Fills with Patterns
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16 Blending Feeds
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Fig. 6-41. Insert temperature profile measured for a SSC hollow cathode for several different discharge currents (from [SO]).
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Applying a CSS Layout
While the Data Viewer is a powerful adjunct to the Script Debugger, it has a variety of other uses in its own right. It is a very useful environment for building calculation expressions for use in your solution either in scripts or field definitions because it allows you to test the expression and view its result as you re writing it. In this way, the Data Viewer enables you to debug your calculation code in a safe sand-pit environment, copying the final expression and pasting it into your solution when you re satisfied with the result. The Data Viewer s Edit Expression dialog, shown in Figure 18.8, includes a Result box below the Expression box, where the current expression s result appears when you click the Evaluate Now button.
ather than have the book end with a basic overview, I thought a fully developed video player application would allow you to fully understand the process of building an application.
FIGURE 1-8: A small project box
The underlying principles of STM are essentially very simple indeed. If a sharp metal tip is placed within a distance, dT , of a few A from a conducting sample surface and a bias voltage, Uz , is applied between tip and surface, a tunnelling current, IT , will be established between tip and surface due to a quantum mechanical tunnelling effect that is generated under conditions
Figure 21-7: The Import Field Mapping dialog.
Listing 9-2 (continued)
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Part II Enhancing Web Pages with Fonts, Images, and Color
Now it s time to add the windows and doors. When you windows doors a compo makeconvert the geometry representing theand stepsandoutlinedinto 9 nent, sure you use the appropriate method as in (pages 126 128).
The Color Fill Live Effect enables you to color the pixels of an object without permanently altering them. To use the Color Fill Live Effect, follow these steps: 1. Select the object that you want to modify. 2. Click the Add Effects button and choose Adjust Color Color Fill from the Add Effects menu. Fireworks displays the Color Fill dialog box. 3. Select the desired fill color from the pop-up color picker. 4. Alter the opacity setting with the Opacity slider. 5. Choose a blending mode from the Blending Mode option list.
Returns the number of cells containing the text budget anywhere within the text Returns the number of cells containing text that begins with the letter A (not case sensitive): Returns the number of cells containing the current date Returns the number of cells with a value greater than the average Returns the number of values exceeding three standard deviations above the mean Returns the number of cells containing the value 3 or 3 Returns the number of cells containing logical TRUE Returns the number of cells containing a logical value (TRUE or FALSE) Returns the number of cells containing the #N/A error value
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