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Storage and indexing options
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Note that these preceding methods work only if the Prevent Manual Positioning option remains unselected in the Insert Anchored Object dialog box or Anchored Object Options dialog box. (This option is not selected by default.) You can also adjust the vertical (Y) position of an inline frame by choosing Object Anchored Object Options. The resulting Anchored Object Options dialog box is the same as the Insert Anchored Object dialog box covered previously in this section and shown in Figure 12.6, except the Anchored Object Options dialog box does not have the Object Options section.
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Debugging Applications
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Design /I An alternative for the three-digit BCD counter is to describe the entire structure in a nested if statement. The nested conditions indicate that the counter reaches .9,9.9, and 99.9 seconds. The code is shown in Listing 4.18.
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It s a Matter of Time
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To create recordset navigation links, follow these steps: 1. Select the text or image to which you d like to attach the server behavior. 2. From the Server Behaviors panel, select Add. Choose the desired behavior from the Recordset Paging submenu. The appropriate Recordset Paging dialog box appears. If you ve made a selection, it s highlighted in the Link list; otherwise, a new text link is created, as shown in Figure 20-8. 3. Make sure that the selection in the Link list is the link you want. 4. Choose the recordset you want to work with from the Recordset drop-down list.
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You can open several Excel workbooks at the same time.
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Semitransparent rectangles
InDesign uses discretionary hyphens only if you select the Hyphenate option in the Paragraph panel or in the Control panel. If Hyphenate is not selected, neither manual nor automatic hyphenation is applied. Likewise, if you want to force a hyphen that cannot be broken (meaning it cannot fall at the end of a line), insert the nonbreaking hyphen character (choose Type Insert Special Character Hyphens and Dashes Nonbreaking Hyphen or press Option+ + or Ctrl+Alt+ ).
on the center of the photo, or Option+2 to zoom to 200 percent on the center of the photo.
Programming PivotTables with VBA
Options area
Most of the time, you want your lookup formula to return a value. You may, however, need to determine the cell address of a particular value within a range. For example, Figure 15.14 shows a worksheet with a range of numbers that occupies a single column (named Data). Cell B1, which contains the value to look up, is named Target.
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