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Status Bar and Record Box
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The code to create a Consumer object, set its destination, and add an event listener in MXML looks like this:
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This expression uses the non-standard LEN() function and assumes that the integer is converted to a character value. See Appendix A for equivalent statements in other databases.
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Final preflighting before you package
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Dreamweaver has made inserting a server-side include in your Web page straightforward. You can use a Dreamweaver object to easily select and bring in the files to be included. Any other type of SSI, such as declaring a variable, must be entered by hand, but you can use the Comment object to do so without opening the Code view.
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The General pane is where you determine how text formatting is handled during export: n In the eBook section, select the Include Metadata check box to include information about the document (set in the File Info dialog box, which you access by choosing File File Info or pressing Option+Shift+ +I or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I). This metadata can be helpful for search engines and other Web tools. You can also add publisher information in the Add Publisher Entry field. n In the Base for CSS Styles section, you have three options: n The Local Formatting radio buttons uses no cascading style sheet; instead, it applies all formatting as local formats. Doing so makes it hard to change the text formatting quickly and consistently in an eBook-editing application. n The Defined Styles radio button tells InDesign to create a CSS file using the style definitions in the InDesign file. n The Style Names Only radio button tells InDesign not to export its style definitions into the eBook file, but instead just indicate the styles in the text as they are used. You would do this when you already have a CSS file created elsewhere whose formatting you want the exported document to use instead. (Of course, the names of the styles in that existing CSS file must match the style names in InDesign for the styles to be applied properly.) n The Bullets and Numbers section has two options for how bulleted lists and numbered lists are handled during export. n The Bullets pop-up menu has two options: Map to Unordered Lists, which converts bulleted lists into the Web s bulleted lists (the <ul> type for HTML-savvy readers), and Convert to Text, which treats the bulleted lists as regular paragraphs, inserting a hard-coded bullet character before each one.
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LiveCycle Data Services includes many other features that aren t part of BlazeDS:
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Part II Mastering the Tools
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When you want to delete a Web page from your Web site, you first need to delete it from your site in iWeb, and then publish the changes. To delete the page, Ctrl+click or right-click it in the Sidebar, and then click Delete Page. Alternatively, click the page in the Sidebar, and then press Delete. iWeb deletes the page and removes all links to it from other pages.
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Creating a basic link in Dreamweaver is easy. Simply follow these steps: 1. Select the text, image, or object you want to establish as a link. 2. In the Property inspector, enter the URL in the Link text box as shown in Figure 10-1. You can use one of the following methods to do so: Type the URL directly into the Link text box. Select the Browse for File folder icon to the right of the Link text box to open the Select File dialog box, where you can browse for the file. Select the Point-to-File icon and drag your mouse to an existing page in the Files panel or anchor on the current page. This feature is explained later in this section. You can also create a link by dragging a URL from the Assets panel onto a text or image selection. This procedure is covered more fully later in this chapter.
Component Description
11. When you re finished, click Save. When Fireworks completes the exporting, you have one HTML file (unless you ve chosen the Copy to Clipboard option) and multiple image files one for each slice and frame. Now you re ready to integrate these images and code into your Dreamweaver page. Which method you use depends on the HTML style you selected when the graphics were exported from Fireworks: If you chose Dreamweaver HTML, use the Insert Fireworks HTML object. If you chose Dreamweaver Library, open the Library palette in Dreamweaver and insert the corresponding Library item. If you chose Copy to Clipboard, position your cursor where you d like the graphics to appear and choose Edit Paste or Ctrl+V (Command+V).
3. Now reselect the first keyframe, and then draw your starting image on the stage. Always remember that shape tweening only works with shapes not groups, symbols, or editable text. To shape tween such an element, you first need to break it apart into shapes (Modify Break Apart). 4. Next, select the second keyframe and draw your ending image on the stage. 5. Open the Frames Panel by choosing Window Panels Frames. You can also select a frame between the end points and right-click to invoke the contextual menu. Choose Panels from the menu and then choose Frames from the ensuing submenu. 6. Choose Shape from the Tweening drop-down menu. The panel updates to present several options for modifying the shape tween, as shown in Figure 11-2: Set the Easing slider if necessary. Easing determines the rate of your animation from start to finish. This is useful if you want to create the effect of acceleration or deceleration. If you want your animation to start slowly and progressively speed up, push the slider down. This will cause In to display adjacent to the slider and will also cause a negative number to display in the numeric readout. For an animation that starts out fast, and then progressively slows, push the slider up, causing it to display Out and a positive number in the readout. If you want the rate of your animation to stay constant, leave the slider in the middle. You can also type in a number for the Easing value ( 100 to 100).
the Klenow fragment of DNA polymerase I, yielding randomised double-stranded DNA (template DNA). In nature, natural RNA protein recognition sites comprise 15 25 nucleotide residues, suggesting that a high af nity binding polynucleotide should also be 25 30 nucleotide residues in length. Therefore, an appropriate RNA library may be generated by direct transcription from template DNA by means of T7 RNA polymerase operating from a T7 promoter element inserted during synthesis of the template DNA. Often modi ed nucleotides are used in place of the natural ones to confer extra stability on RNA molecules produced this is especially important in the design of aptamers for therapeutic purposes. The most common approach is to modify -d-ribofuranose rings attached to pyrimidine bases with 2 -F or 2 -NH2 , modi cations that confer resistance to most RNAases. The 5-position of the uracil base may also be modi ed. Fortuitously, the T7 RNA polymerase is able to tolerate the insertion of modi ed bases and -d-ribofuranose rings at the 2 -position reasonably well.
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