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Figure 6-16 shows a rectangle AutoShape with 3-D formatting applied. The chart was positioned on top of the rectangle, and then the two objects were grouped. This creates an interesting alternative to using a standard data table. Another example of using an AutoShape for a background for charts is shown in Figure 6-17. This AutoShape is named Film and was taken from the More AutoShapes category. It is used as a backdrop to display three pie charts. After positioning the charts, all four objects were grouped together.
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year prior to the completion of this book, Creative Labs released a small MP3 player called the Nomad MuVo2 (see Figure 25-1). The MuVo2 has 4GB of capacity and is only slightly larger than a Type II CompactFlash card. Some people speculated that its core uses a real CompactFlash memory card that can be used in digital cameras. If so, it was tremendously beneficial to take apart the MuVo2 and recover the flash card. For one thing, a stand-alone 4GB CompactFlash Microdrive was selling at more than twice the cost of a MuVo2. It turned out that those people were right. The MuVo2 contained a genuine CF+ Type II compatible Microdrive, which can be used in a digital camera. News spread like wildfire as everyone attempted to purchase this player. MuVo2 was in great demand and that caused a shortage in supply. People who managed to get them were rewarded with working Microdrives. Today, music-player manufacturers use locked Microdrives to prevent consumers from stealing them out of the player for digital-camera use. These locked drives are not CF+ Type II-compatible. They operate in True IDE mode, like real hard disks. Therefore, they cannot be used with your digital camera. Perhaps one day a digital camera manufacturer will design a digital camera to use True IDE Microdrives. But for now, you can still take the drive out of the MuVo2, use the Microdrive with your CompactFlash reader, and install a different sized CF card in your MuVo2.
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Part I Exploring del.icio.us
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Sudden change in RTT implies RTO growth 0 100 200 300 400 Packet number
Figure 7-14: This chart shows what happens after subscribers start, by breaking the stops into different groups based on the stop type.
Part I Consuming Feeds
If you want to save the new contour as part of the current set, in the Layer Style dialog box, click the down-pointing triangle of the icon for the Contour Picker and choose Save Contours from the pop-up Contour Picker s menu. When you relaunch Photoshop, the saved contour, or set, can be loaded from the Contour Picker menu, provided that you saved it in the default location: ~\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Presets\Countours.
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The Console view displays tracing information and other detailed debugging messages. The Debug view contains controls for stepping through code, terminating a debugging session, and resuming a debugging session.
private function faultHandler(event:FaultEvent):void { Alert.show(event.fault.faultString, event.fault.faultCode); }
8.24 You can use the Recent Servers list to reconnect to a server you ve connected to before.
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