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Being able to measure or predict the rate of growth of interface and its area coverage is an important step toward understanding reactive processes. Intimate contact between mixture components is necessary to allow a chemical reaction to proceed. Although the spatial distribution of intermaterial area is unique in every chaotic ow, for all cases the interface grows exponentially fast in time and the rate of growth is known explicitly. In Figure 3-13 the natural logarithm of the total length of the interface is plotted versus number of iterations. One would expect that the rate of lament growth to be dictated by the Lyapunov exponent of the ow. The Lyapunov exponent is the geometric average of the local stretching rates, which assigns equal weight to all local stretching values in the domain: lim 1 ln n i n = 1 nNP
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Excel s AutoFormat feature works well with pivot tables. Select any cell in your pivot table and then choose Format AutoFormat. Use the AutoFormat dialog box to select a format. The first 10 AutoFormats are listed as Reports and the remainder are listed as Tables. AutoFormats in Report category may change the layout of your pivot table. If you don t like the result, choose Edit Undo to revert to the previous formatting.
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DEC2HEX and HEX2DEC require the Analysis ToolPak to be loaded.
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Theoretically, you could put as much (or as little) text as you like between the opening /* and the closing */ and the enclosed characters will be skipped over by the browser. Netscape 4, however, has a problem with the following comment:
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Next, the basic links are styled. A background color (the same as the previously defined bottom border) is applied to achieve a tab-like appearance (see Figure 10-7). The size of the tab is controlled by the padding and line-height. To represent interactivity, a :hover pseudo-class is defined that changes the font color for the main category tabs.
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Suppose that you ve just finished a fantastic drawing that you created with the help of many guides. Now that the image is complete, you want to delete those guides. Sure, you can unlock them and select them by holding Shift. Or if you were really thinking, you could put those guides on a layer and simply Select All and then Delete. Well, Illustrator has just made your life even easier. By choosing the Clear Guides option under the View menu s Guides submenu, all guides are miraculously deleted.
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Adding a voiceover
4. Add an <fx:Declarations> element after the closing </s:layout> tag. 5. Add an <s:HTTPService> tag set between the <fx:Declarations> tags. Set its id to contactService and its url property to data/contacts.xml:
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