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The turnkey distribution includes a complete instance of BlazeDS that contains many sample applications. Each sample application includes complete source code to communicate with the sample database where necessary. The copy of Tomcat that s included with the turnkey distribution is configured to run on port 8400 (not on port 8080 as a version of Tomcat downloaded directly from Apache might be). The samples
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Layers is well documented in the FreeHand manual and online help, so I won t go into detail about it here. Basically, Release to Layers puts each step of the blend on its own layer.
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15: Working with Graphic Styles and Effects
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In the modern world of computers it is easy to make assumptions about users, their hardware, and capabilities. Several years ago, no one would have dreamt of delivering rich, multimedia content over the Web. Today, however, it is often assumed that everyone is using the latest user agent, on a high-end computer, across a broadband connection. That isn t always the case. In fact, some users who visit your site may not even have a mouse to aid in browsing. The reason could be a physical handicap, a text-only agent, or just a fondness for using the keyboard. You can accommodate these users by adding additional methods to access links on your page.
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Peterson, Oscar (x8983) <br />
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You can view the full range of info available for a photo by clicking it and choosing Photos Show Extended Photo Info or pressing +Option+I. iPhoto opens the Extended Photo Info window.
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The chart may not appear polished, but you can refine it. The important thing to keep in mind is that the chart is not static but rather is connected to your underlying spreadsheet data and formulas. As the values in your data series change, whether by manual edits or through Excel formulas, so does the corresponding chart. This explanation about charts and how to use them is barely enough to get started. Further information about Excel charts and techniques can be found in Excel Charts, by John Walkenbach, and in my book, Excel Best Practices for Business, both published by Wiley.
When FileMaker Pro later uses the relationship to check for related records, it matches data from the first field with data in the second field, according to the comparison condition in effect. 6. Optional: To create a two-way link between the current table and the data in the related table, you can select the check boxes allowing creation and deletion of records. 7. Optional: If you d like the related records to be sorted in a particular way when they are displayed, select the Sort records check box. Establish a sort order in the Sort Records dialog (see Figure 18-10), and click OK.
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