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Documents whose main purpose is to present visual animation Marketing presentations Hosting of Web-based video
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Holographic elements A photograph or picture can be thought of as a two-dimensional representation of a scene, projected onto a single plane. When one views a picture, each eye receives the same intensity information from light emanating or reflecting from each picture element ( pixel ) on the surface bearing the picture. The isotropism of the display results in the same value of information distributed to all points in space. The image is devoid of parallax and most of the depth cues needed for 3-D perception. This is why, when one views a photograph or a drawing on a piece of paper, one generally perceives a two-dimensional representation of the subject on a flat surface. As illustrated in the margin, mechanisms with which the planar medium can be made to distribute different values to different points in space enable a three-dimensional representation of the scene, if that information is parallactically-distributed to the viewer s position. This is the effect that is achieved in integral photography, in which information in each small area on the recording medium is anisotropically distributed into the viewer s space by passing through a lenslet placed in front of it. Holographic printing is an approach in which the refractive lenslet is replaced by a diffractive analog that also simultaneously encodes the image information in the form of a complex interference pattern. When two mutually-coherent laser beams collide on a piece of photosensitive film, a grating is formed and recorded at that spot. When one of those same beams subsequently illuminates that spot, the second beam will be reconstructed with an intensity and k-vector similar to the recording conditions. This phenomenon is governed by the grating equation, the most fundamental mathematical relationship in holography. Upon illumination, light is only visible emanating from the spot on the film from one particular angle -the angle of
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(x t ; x t 1 ; . . . ; x t M 1 ) (s t ; s t 1 ; . . . ; s t M 1 ) (y t ; y t 1 ; . . . ; y t M 1 ) Or equivalently (y t ; y t 1 ; . . . ; y t M 1 ) (x t ; x t 1 ; . . . ; x t M 1 ) (s t ; s t 1 ; . . . ; s t M 1 ): If 7M ! 2N, the leftmost 2N bits of the output (st, st 1, . . . , st M211) s0 (7t) s0 (7t 1) s0 (7t N) s0 (7t N 1) .. .. . . s0 (7t N) s0 (7t N 1) .. . satisfy s(7t N) S(7t; 7t N 1)c where 1 sx0 (7t N) B s (7t N 1) C B 0 C C s(7t N) B . B C . @ A . s0 (7t 2N 1) 0 s0 (7t 1) s0 (7t) B s (7t 1) s0 (7t 2) 0 B S(7t; 7t N 1) B .. . . B . . @ . . . s0 (7t N 1) s0 (7t N) c (cN ; cN 1 ; . . . ; c1 ) 0 s0 (7t N 1) s0 (7t 2N 1) .. .. . . s0 (7t 2N 1)
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If you select a range of cells (rather than entire rows or columns) before you create a group, Excel displays a dialog box asking what you want to group. It then groups entire rows or columns based on the range that you select.
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By and large, the editing features of Dreamweaver are similar to other modern word processing programs with one or two Web-oriented twists. Like other programs, Dreamweaver has Cut, Copy, and Paste options, as well as Undo and Redo commands. The twists come from the relationship between the Design and Code views of the Document window, which give Dreamweaver special functionality for copying and pasting text and code. You learn how that works in the following sections.
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Causal Ordering
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Translated into English, this path would read import the mainstyles.css file in the styles folder that s in the same directory as the current Web page. Suppose you re upgrading a page that includes an inline div tag with a background image. The code would look like this: data matrix generator
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Gradient fills in text
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framework_4.0.0.10485.swz, rpc_4.0.0.10485.swz spark_4.0.0.10485.swz textLayout_4.0.0.10485.swz.
18: Understanding PostScript and Printing
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You can set the enabled property of a MovieClip or Button object at anytime, and you can switch back and forth between true and false. You might opt to do this at specific points in a movie to disable a Button or a MovieClip when you don t want the user to be able to interact. For example, you may have a Button that, when clicked, attempts to load another movie into the player by way of a MovieClipLoader object (see 14 for more details). However, once the user has clicked the Button, you may want to disable the Button until the movie has been successfully loaded. Another button-like behavior for MovieClip and Button objects is the automatic changing of the cursor icon when the user mouses over the object. When the user mouses over any enabled object with button event-handler methods applied to it, the cursor icon becomes a hand icon. This default behavior is expected in most situations. However, you may want to modify this behavior in some circumstances. You can disable the hand cursor by setting the useHandCuror property to false. If you later want to re-enable the hand cursor, all you need to do is set the useHandCursor property to true again.
Available through the Scale tool s pop-out menu, the Shear tool (shortcut O) works much the same as the Scale tool. Rather than resize the object and contents, the Shear tool slants selected objects in the direction you drag. But it also rotates the object, creating a more three-dimensional perspective effect. (See 10.)
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